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Heeros is a partner that combines the heart and soul of a small business with the quality and reliability of a large player. Tens of thousands of organisations use Heeros cloud solutions every day. Heeros is not industry specific and is therefore suitable for every company regardless of size and location.

Our customers include corporate groups, accounting firms and their clients, as well as individual companies and other organisations. Thanks to its easy integration, some of our customers have implemented Heeros as part of other financial or ERP applications and expanded the scope of their Heeros software according to their changing needs, until they have a complete Heeros solution.

A partnership with Heeros not only guarantees our customers tools that work for them but also gives them access to unique support services that allow them to grow and develop their business.


Cavotec grows internationally 

A company like Cavotec needs internationally operating and scaling services. Heeros Purchase Invoices solution is used in all operating countries, and now "everything is so much more simple, smoother and easier". 



Blink Creative builds growth with Heeros PSA software

The company has begun a growth journey with an aim to expand their business both nationally and internationally. To support the growth Blink Creative has introduced the Heeros PSA software to their work.


Heeros customer stories

Marketing corporation MicroMedia values effortlessness, flexibility and service coverage

Micromedia, a producer of expert marketing services, counts on the comprehensive financial and customer management services of Heeros and Taimer.

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Invoice processing in an international compan

Bisnode Finland Oy - Invoice processing in an international company

The digital processing of purchase and travel invoices proceeds smoothly in an international group with operations in 19 European countries at Bisnode Finland Oy.

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Heeros internationally use

Cavotec use Heeros internationally

Cavotec Finland Oy, considers their implementation of digital financial administration to have been a reasonable choice.

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Processing purchase invoices

Processing purchase invoices in one window delivers time savings

Solution greatly speeds up processing purchase invoices. Having one single window of invoice processing means considerable time savings.

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