Together with our customers, we aim high and achieve the best

Our customers know best what tools they need

Heeros is a partner that combines the heart and soul of a small business with the quality and reliability of a large player. Tens of thousands of organisations use Heeros cloud solutions every day. Heeros is not industry specific and is therefore suitable for every company regardless of size and location.

Our customers include corporate groups, accounting firms and their clients, as well as individual companies and other organisations. Thanks to its easy integration, some of our customers have implemented Heeros as part of other financial or ERP applications and expanded the scope of their Heeros software according to their changing needs, until they have a complete Heeros solution.

A partnership with Heeros not only guarantees our customers tools that work for them but also gives them access to unique support services that allow them to grow and develop their business.

Cavotec use Heeros internationally

Cavotec Finland Oy, a technical electricity transmission system company, considers their implementation of digital financial administration to have been a reasonable choice. The financial administration of the international company has become remarkably easier, as they can now approve invoices quickly and in real time, regardless of location, instead of processing paper invoices, for example.

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