Our customers

Our customers include groups of companies, individual businesses and organisations, accounting firms with their customers, and the government. In addition, our solutions are used in the financial administration of educational institutes. Regardless of the line of business, size of the company or location, our products are suitable for everyone. Some of our customers have started using the Heeros suite parallel to the enterprise resource management system, while some have started using Heeros straight away.

Accounting firms

Our product suite is used by hundreds of accounting firms across Finland: Some of our accounting firm clients also work as Heeros Pro Partners. Heeros partners are growth-oriented accounting firms that receive support from Heeros for acquiring customers, for example.


Tens of thousands of organisations in different lines of business use Heeros solutions on a daily basis. Large corporations and small companies alike handle their financial administration routines flexibly, independently of time and place using Heeros cloud services.


Many municipalities own utility companies and other companies that run their financial administration on Heeros cloud services. A digital work environme

nt is a definite advantage for organisations with multiple employees, as it considerably boosts the efficiency of day-to-day work, such as invoice approval processes.

Educational institutes

Educational institutes can also utilise our solutions in their education on financial administration. The students learn about the world of financial administration in an easy way, and can potentially utilise their learnings later in their working life.