Online invoices and electronic payments

Heeros products work with each other via Heeros Link, which takes care of banking and online invoice traffic. With it, you can send and receive online invoices, send payment posts for purchase invoices and salaries to banks, and retrieve account statements and reference material from banks using automatic operation.

If your company handles the financial administration of several companies, you can also utilise the multi-company feature in Heeros Link. All you need is one Heeros Link, which takes care of the payments of all customers/companies. You can use permissions to restrict the visibility of material for users.

Heeros Link

  • Relays incoming purchase invoices as online invoices directly to the purchase invoice system.
  • Relays scanned paper invoices electronically to the purchase invoice system.
  • Sends payment material for purchase and travel invoice and fees to banks.
  • Sends sales invoices with attachments to customers as e-invoices.
  • Sends payment reminders to customers.
  • Retrieves feedback for payment posts from banks (payment material monitoring).
  • Retrieves machine-readable account statements from banks.
  • Retrieves machine-readable reference material from banks.
  • Archives documents in the electronic archive.
  • Works with external systems.


  • Automation reduces routines and errors and makes work smoother.
  • Cost-efficient operation—free up time for core tasks.
  • Flexible operation supports paper-form invoices as well.
  • Reporting and payment traffic monitoring make operation reliable and transparent.
  • Easy connectivity with other systems, such as retrieving invoices and account statements.
  • Saving the retrieved account statement in external systems means that the bank charges only once.
  • Multi-company features bring the payment traffic of all companies to a single tool.
  • Balance information updated automatically means better cash-flow management.
  • Sales invoices are automatically saved in an electronic archive, keeping the invoices you sent available at all times.