Efficiënt boekhouden door razendsnelle verwerking van inkoopfacturen


Heeros Inkoopfacturen is een oplossing voor financieel beheer waarmee u inkoopfacturen razendsnel verwerkt en doorstuurt naar een boekhoudapplicatie of fiatteringssysteem. Met name de tijdrovende eerste stappen van het verwerkingsproces zijn geautomatiseerd. Het systeem genereert automatische boekingsvoorstellen met behulp van kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) en neemt u zo veel werk uit handen.

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Heeros product management – a bridge to customer-oriented product development


Customer-oriented product management is also about understanding our customers business and the needs of the industry and considering the perspective of our customers’ work processes. This does not mean fulfilling every customer wish, but the ability to listen to, collect and analyze different information, compiling an overall picture and the best solution.

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Heeros Customer Services – Always at your service


In addition to daily support and customer service, we provide trainings, streamline Heeros software implementations and service expansions and ensure the success of agreed projects with our customers.

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Working together for better results


Customer Success Team was formed during the organizational change that took place at Heeros earlier this year. The starting point for the change was will to make the customer the center piece of all operations and planning, which would allow us to better understand and support our customers’ business and needs.

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Customer is the best expert of their work


When was the last time you felt people listened to you and you were really understood? Or when did you get real answers to questions in your mind? These examples illustrate how we realized that focusing on our customers is really the key factor when building up our new organization. Our slogan “Because it’s all about service” says it all, the essence of our work is serving our customers. Customer Growth team takes this thought one step further.

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