Proposed Estonian legislation mandates e-invoices on client request starting in 2025

The Estonian government approved on 2 May 2024 a draft amendment to the Accounting Act (Raamatupidamise seadus), which aims to standardize and simplify e-invoicing requirements.

Nuutti Rautiainen
Nuutti Rautiainen  | 1 minute reading time

If the parliament (Riigikogu) approves the changes, e-invoicing will become mandatory for all registered businesses in Estonia from January 1, 2025, in case a buyer requests the use of e-invoices.

The Estonian government approved a draft bill on May 2, 2024, that pertains to amendments to the Accounting Act. The aim of the proposal is to harmonize and simplify the requirements for e-invoicing.

If the proposal is approved, starting from the beginning of 2025, businesses must deliver invoices as e-invoices if the buyer company requests them. If the buyer requests an e-invoice and no other form has been agreed upon, the European standard (EU EN16931) is used by default. Thus, Estonia does not prohibit the use of other e-invoice formats.

Heeros and e-invoicing in Estonia

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