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Streamline the handling of purchase invoices from receiving and circulating them to accounts payable — be it paper, PDF or electronic invoices. Free time for business critical responsibilities and ensure transparency globally through purchase invoice management enhanced by AI.

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Easy tracking of purchase invoices

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Why Heeros Purchase Invoices software

An easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate purchase invoice processing software makes your accounts payable processes run smoothly. All types of invoices from e-invoices to paper invoices can be received, interpreted, and accounted for automatically in seconds, powered by artificial intelligence.

Work together

Improve control and visibility on cash flow

As business expands and expenses increase, it is essential for CFO and managers to have a solid understanding of subsidiary or country-specific purchases from a risk management perspective.

In Heeros Purchase Invoices, reports such as  list of open invoices, purchases day book and payment forecasts help with cash management and act as payment reminders. Order details and the invoice processing history is always saved, along with a complete audit trail, making expense tracking easier. These features put you in control of cash flow and increase transparency.

AI automation

Save time and avoid extra cost by automating invoice management

The processing of purchase invoices takes a lot of expensive time from your experts, especially if there are many manual steps involved. With Heeros software, all types of invoices, from e-invoices to PDF invoices and scanned paper invoices with attachments, are automatically integrated into the same digital process.

Heeros Purchase Invoices software is complemented by AI posting proposals, that are correct with 85-90% accuracy right from the start. With the help of intelligent software, the number of errors decreases, and unnecessary expenses are avoided as the purchase invoice management process is becomes more efficient.

Application connections

Use all your software seamlessly together

Procurement and the processing of purchase invoices are not done in isolation, which is why information flow between different systems is often crucial for true efficiency.

Is everything running smoothly as long as purchase invoices need to be transferred, for example, to accounts payable? With Heeros Purchase Invoices, transfers are automated all the way to accounting and archiving. See all integrations.

Core features of Heeros Purchase Invoices

Future-proof your invoice management by getting ready to European e-invoice mandates with smart software.

Receiving invoices

Receiving and automatically capturing invoices

E-invoices, paper and email invoices easily processed in the same pipeline

You will only need to check the invoice information and forward to approval circulation flow

AI posting proposals
AI posting proposals

Artifical intelligence (Snowfox.AI) creates a posting proposal based on the historical data on your previous postings

Accuracy is around 85-90 % right from the start and AI is constantly learning from corrected postings

Fast purchase invoice management, less errors and expenses

Circulating invoices
Circulating and transferring invoices 

You can also review and approve invoices easily with our mobile app

Purchase invoices workflow has determined steps and persons in charge, who are notified of new invoices

Transfer invoices easily to third party systems for example via APIs

Transfer invoices easily to other Heeros solutions


Accounts payable

Creation of payment batches with approval workflow possibility

Automatic reconciliation of payments from bank statements

Easy currency payments

Travel invoices
Travel invoices and accounts payable

Create travel invoices easily on the go with Heeros mobile app

Invoice circulation through set personnel and steps

Creation of payment batches and transfers to bank or payroll

Automatic reconciliation of payments from bank statements and reporting to the Finnish Incomes Register



Easy follow up on the invoice circulation and reports that help cash management

Readily available reports include outstanding invoices, purchases day book and disbursement forecasts

ERP connector service

ERP connector service is a cost-efficient and reliable way to connect ERP system and Heeros financial management software with the help of ready-made integration packages.

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Purchase Invoices — FAQ

Can I integrate Heeros Purchase Invoices to other systems than the ones of Heeros?

Yes. We've got ready-made integrations to over a 100 systems, including the most common ERP systems. In addition, we are constantly working on new integrations and can adjust to our customers' needs. 

We operate in multiple countries in Europe. Can I use Heeros Purchase Invoices in all of them for invoice management?

Most likely yes, Heeros Purchase Invoices is designed to cater the needs of companies operating in multiple countries. Our services cover most of Europe but there are some limitations. Reach out to us and let's check your situation!

What does purchase invoice management mean?

Purchase invoice management is the process of handling supplier invoices. The process includes receiving the invoice, checking the legitimacy, possibly having the invoice approved by other members of the organization, paying the invoice and storing payment information and invoice in company archives.

How much does a purchase invoice management software cost?

Pricing can vary a lot between vendors and not least because the functionality of handling purchase invoices can be either bundled into a software with other features or sold separately.

Heeros Purchase Invoice software is dedicated to handling purchase invoices and pricing is based on transactions. We want to keep our pricing transparent. On our pricing page, you can get an idea of the cost for your company  by changing the number of invoices in the calculator. 

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