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Streamline business operations with Heeros PSA software. It unifies the management of core processes, optimizes resources, enhances productivity, and provides insightful data to support growth. Ideal for both local and global companies, it simplifies all areas of running a business.

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What our customers love

Discover the standout features and capabilities of our PSA software that consistently win the admiration and loyalty of our valued clients.
User-friendly with simple navigation

User-friendly with simple navigation

Seamlessly integrating sales, projects & finances
Integrating projects & finances seamlessly
Real-time data for smarter decisions
Real-time data for smarter decisions
Designed to scale with your company growth
Designed to scale with your company growth

Heeros PSA streamlines your business operations

Heeros PSA system simplifies professional services management, enabling efficient resource allocation, invoicing, and sales boosting. Our user-friendly technology streamlines workflows and eliminates complex management processes, making client servicing more efficient.

Developing a business plan for a BtB company operating in marketing, communications, industrial design or other project-based business

Efficient project management: Our key strength

Automate tasks, consolidate project data, and gain a holistic view of your operations for efficient resource allocation and risk anticipation. Real-time activity management keeps your team focused, enhancing project success. Experience streamlined, hassle-free project management with our platform today!
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Cloud services such as a PSA in a picture

Manage time and tasks cost-effectively

Heeros PSA simplifies time tracking, hours approval and resource monitoring. With efficient tools, teams can easily track time, handle the approval of tracked hours, and monitor resources accurately, reducing manual labor and improving resource allocation. This leads to organized task management and optimal use of work hours.
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Financial reports

Also finance team loves PSA

Simplify financial management with efficient expense handling, flexible invoicing options, and multi-currency support. Integration with popular financial systems ensures seamless operation and reduced errors, making finance handling both effective and stress-free. 

There's a sales funnel of possible company using PSA software

Optimizing sales and fostering strong customer relationships

Heeros PSA software also serves as a CRM and centralizes customer data, streamlines sales processes, and optimizes your sales pipeline and activities. It also allows for quick proposal creation, making your sales process more efficient, transparent and predictable.

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Company growth which could be based on for example comprehensive reporting and thus, quality in decision making

In-depth analytics for informed business decisions

Our pre-built dashboards make decision-making efficient. Soon, we'll launch a versatile reporting table with pivot capabilities and customizable user reports for enhanced business insights. Stay tuned for more user-friendly reporting options. 
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Heeros PSA integrations FI

Seamless integrations with your other software

Heeros PSA offers seamless integration with existing company software, including pre-built connections for accounting software, e-invoicing, HubSpot, O365 and more. Its open API allows for customized integrations, making it a beneficial choice for enhancing your software environment. 
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Core features of Heeros PSA

Time tracking EN
Time tracking

Log work hours, leaves, and absences easily

Monitor experts' utilization rates in real-time

Review time entries

Leverage versatile reporting on hours

Invoicing EN
Invoicing and expense management

Automatically generate invoices based on tracked hours, subcontracting, and travel expenses

Easily invoice in multiple ways (in bulk, automatically, as project invoices, etc.)

Monitor invoicing forecasts and their real-time development

Integrate with other financial management systems and e-invoice operators for complete payment tracking

Multi-currency handling (also outside the Euro area)

Sales EN
Sales and CRM

Manage your contacts and their orders from a single location

Easily create proposals and attachments

Forecast future sales based on the probabilities of different pipeline stages

Lead and manage your offer base step-by-step until deal closure

Leverage excellent sales reports

Resourcing EN

Monitor project phases and their progress in real-time

Easily allocate tasks to experts

Optimize experts' utilization rates

Projects EN
Project management

Easily track project progress: schedules, work hours, and expenses

Monitor project profitability in real-time

Keep internal project communication under control (chat, file sharing, memos)

Easily clone and edit projects.

Reporting EN

Business management and reporting

Monitor the overall picture and development of your business

Leverage pre-built, visual report views

Edit and share report templates according to your needs (coming soon)


Would you like to know more about our services or products? Browse through our frequently asked questions below for quick answers to your queries, or feel free to get in touch

How do I choose the right PSA plan for our company?

The most typical way to choose a plan is based on the number of users you need, but you can also make your selection based on the functionalities included in the plans. We've designed the versions to help you get started easily while also supporting you as your business grows.

The most affordable Growth-plan includes up to three users. The Growth-plan includes, among other things, an unlimited number of customers, a proposal tool, sales invoicing, and time tracking.

Business-plan is primarily intended for teams of 3-10 users but can be adapted for more users if needed. Compared to the Growth-plan, you get additional features e.g. for sales and project management.

Enterprise-plan is a comprehensive PSA software for expert companies. This plan includes all essential features and allows you to seamlessly manage sales, projects, time usage, expenses, resources, finances, and reporting with a single tool.

Enterprise+ -plan' is your choice when selecting a solution for multiple companies.

How many users different plans include?

Growth-plan includes a maximum of three users. There are no user limitations in other plans. You can add or remove users according to your needs, and we will bill you accordingly.

What if the amount of users we need changes?

If you have a monthly subscription, you can add or remove users at any stage, and the changes will be reflected in the next invoice immediately.

If you have already paid for the entire year in advance, you can add users at any point, and the changes will be accounted for the remaining days of the billing period. You cannot reduce the number of users during the ongoing billing period, but you can indicate on your account that you wish to have fewer users for the next period.

If you have Growth-plan and need more than three users, the plan will need to be upgraded to either Business or Enterprise plan.

Do all plans have free trial period?

Yes. A 14-day trial period begins when you register for Growth, Business, or Enterprise plan. You do not need to provide your credit card information to get a trial.

Do I need to download PSA-software to my computer?

No. The PSA software is cloud-based, so you can use it on any device at any time. All you need is an internet connection

Is our company's data secure?

Data security is of utmost importance to us at Heeros. Our servers are located in secure data centers, and we ensure that our software always has the latest security updates. SSL encryption is included in all Heeros versions."

What does the PSA software cost?

The PSA software offers multiple plans designed for businesses of different sizes. You can view the current pricing information here.

When will our company be invoiced and can I change the invoicing cycle?

You can choose to pay either monthly or annually. You'll receive an additional discount for an annual subscription.

You can switch from a monthly to an annual subscription at any time. If you have an annual subscription, you can switch to a monthly one at the end of the current billing period.

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