Integrations to ERPs' and business management software

At Heeros, we aim to offer our clients seamless integrations not only between our own software solutions but also with other systems. You can increase your company's efficiency and take your operations to the next level by directly integrating your ERP or PSA software, for example, with financial management.

Why integrate your PSA or ERP?

When you require multiple software solutions for your business, it's essential to ensure that they can communicate with each other. Decision-making improves when real-time, accurate information is available across different systems. Furthermore, successful integrations can create a competitive edge in terms of operational smoothness, efficiency, and cost savings.

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Heeros PSA integrations

Heeros' own PSA software is the right choice for managing an expert company's operations. The PSA seamlessly integrates with various financial management software and, for example, with HubSpot, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. 

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ERP connector service

Streamline your business processes. Easily connect your existing ERP solution to Heeros' financial management software with our ERP connector service.

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