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Invoice to cash faster and more reliably also internationally. SMBs can create and send sales invoices easily as e-invoices or other types of invoices and manage accounts receivable with Heeros Sales Invoices solution.

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Increased visibility to all receivables

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Why choose Heeros Sales Invoices

Heeros offers you the opportunity to leverage our expertise and extensive partner network to optimize your business operations in Europe. Our adaptable invoicing software is easy to integrate to other systems and allows you to streamline processes and effectively manage your company's cash flow.

Whole package

Manage sales invoices all the way to accounts receivable

Efficient invoicing and accounts receivable management accelerates cash inflow. When everything flows seamlessly from sending invoices to payment reconciliation and possible collection activities, you can respond promptly to delays or issues.


In the rapidly evolving invoicing landscape, the current features of an ERP system may not be enough to cover all invoicing needs and upgrades and customization can be costly. With Heeros Sales Invoices you can extend the capabilities of your ERP, thus enabling flexible and compliant e-invoicing and as well as efficient receivables management across all subsidiaries.

Decision making

More transparency to invoicing processes and cash flow

Having a globally operational invoicing service enables process standardization as well a real-time visibility into all business unit receivables, regardless of the ERP(s) used.


With the standardization of bank interfaces through open banking,  invoice-to-cash operations can be further streamlined by automating the payment reconciliation. In collaboration with Enable Banking, Heeros facilitates a direct connection from our software services to over 600 European banks, providing our customers with real-time access to incoming payment data as well as bank account balance.

Machine learning

Save time and lower costs with sales invoicing automation

Spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and focus more on business critical work. With Heeros Sales Invoices service, you can automate the invoicing process, with the help of user-friendly interface and functionalities supporting more efficient way of working. This in turn reduces the number of human errors and the associated costs.


Automation also ensures that the invoice data generated by the ERP system complies with regulations, reducing the need for costly changes to the ERP system.


Send sales invoices in compliance with regulations

With Heeros Sales Invoices service, you can invoice your customers on time and in the required format (e.g. PEPPOL, local European e-invoice requirements).


Furthermore, your customers are more satisfied when you are invoicing them according to their preferences, regardless of their country of operation. Invoice delivery can be done through multiple channels and in close collaboration with our partner, e-invoicing operator Opentext.

Core features of Heeros Sales Invoices

Create invoice
Creating and importing sales invoices

Create invoices or enrich invoices imported from your ERP system so that they meet the invoicing requirements of numerous countries.

Easy, user-friendly creation of invoices

Import invoice material from other systems

Enrich ERP invoice data

Possibility to create invoice templates

Wide language support for creating invoices

Capability to meet the invoicing requirements of multiple countries

Sending invoices
Sending sales invoices

Multichannel sending of invoices as e-invoices, via email or via mail as paper invoices

Delivery of attachments even with multiple pages despite the channel

Sending of imported and enriched invoices regardless the original system

E-invoicing and mass invoicing with the help of customer and product register

Delivery of invoices in multiple countries

Accounts receivable

Create, send and manage invoices and payment requests

Automatic payment reminders and integrations to collection partners

Automatic retrieval and allocation of reference payments

Reporting that supports cash flow management

Bank connections to banks around Europe

Faster integrations with ERP Connector service

ERP connector service is a cost-efficient and reliable way to connect ERP system and Heeros financial management software with the help of ready-made integration packages.

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What is the price of Heeros Sales Invoices?

Our prices are always based on your needs. You can check the estimated price for you on our pricing page.

Can I send both paper and electronic invoices with Heeros Sales Invoices?

Yes, with Heeros Sales Invoices you can invoice your customers according to their wishes.

What is a sales invoice?

A sales invoice is a commercial and usually regulated document issued by a seller to a buyer as a formal request for payment after goods or services have been provided. 

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