Implementation, training and additional services

Successful implementation is the result of good collaboration between the customers and the software partner. Our experienced project management team takes care of your needs throughout the implementation project, and afterwards, you can always request additional training or other services.

Developing a business plan

The value of implementation done right

During the implementation project, we take into account technical execution, such as data transfers, basic training, and internal change management within the organization. Based on our experience, continuous communication and clearly defined roles during the project are crucial for success. Whether it's a small or large-scale change, investing in a smooth implementation process is worthwhile.

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Fast standard deliveries

Implementation projects are not always complex or lengthy. At Heeros, we have extensive experience in implementations and can execute standard deliveries very efficiently. Identifying and addressing common challenges or obstacles right from the start allows us to manage them effectively as they come across.

Complex systems

Delivery of complex projects also internationally

The implementation project typically becomes more complex than the standard delivery when the software is deployed across multiple countries. At Heeros, even complex projects succeed with the support of experienced project management and close collaboration with our global partner, OpenText. We are proficient at considering integrations, with Heeros software already equipped with hundreds of ready-made ones.

Heeros implementation projects in practice


Training and additional services

You can reinforce your team members' skills through training or make changes to the systems also after the implementation project.



Ensuring proper skillset and onboarding of new employees are essential for the effective use of any software. We organize training sessions for our customers based on the need – reach out to us through the Help Center or your dedicated contact person if you feel like getting additional training.  What's more, Heeros initiates specialized online training sessions on specific topics, such as year-end closing. As a customer, you can find information about upcoming training sessions, among other things, from Help Center.

Whole package

Additional services

When needed, you can also request additional services through us, both from Heeros and our partners, such as OpenText. Collaborating with our partners allows us to address our customers' issues even more comprehensively. You can find general pricing information on our pricing page, but note that services provided by our partners and other third parties are priced separately.

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