Risk management

The Board of Directors of Heeros ensures that the company's risk management is appropriately and effectively organized. The company's risk management system aims to identify strategic, operational, financial, and conventional damage risks within the group. The company takes risks in its operations that are related to its strategy and the achievement of its objectives. The goal of risk management is the proactive and comprehensive management of these risk areas. Risk management is integrated into the company's business processes. The company reports on its most significant risks in its financial statements and semi-annual reports.

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Reports and presentations

Reports, presentations and key figures of Heeros. 

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The highest responsibility for Heeros' governance and operations lies with Heeros' governing bodies, which include the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the CEO. S

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Heeros as an investment

Scalable business model, efficiency megatrends and modular portfolio are few of the strengths of Heeros. Learn more about Heeros as an investment.
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