The external audit of the company aims to verify that the financial statements provide accurate and sufficient information about the company's financial performance and position for the fiscal year. The company's auditor issues the required audit report to the company's shareholders in conjunction with the annual financial statements. The audit conducted during the fiscal year is reported to the Board of Directors. The auditor and the board meet at least once a year.

The appointment of the auditor is made by the annual general meeting of shareholders. The auditor's term of office includes the ongoing fiscal year at the time of appointment and concludes at the end of the next regular general meeting following the appointment. 

Heeros' statutory auditor is BDO with Authorised Public Accountant Pasi Tuuva as the auditor with principal responsibility as nominated by Heeros Annual General Meeting.

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In the decision-making and governance of Heeros Plc, Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, securities market legislation, Heeros Plc's Articles of Association, and regulations applicable to First North companies are followed.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises three to seven members who are elected in the Annual General Meeting for a term that ends at the end of the Annual General Meeting following their election. 
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