Disclosure policy

Heeros' information disclosure as a Finnish listed company is regulated by the Finnish and EU legislation as well as rules, standards and recommendations of Nasdaq Helsinki First North Finland marketplace, the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority, corporate governance principles, and other authorities, as applicable. Aktia Alexander Corporate Finance Oy,  tel. 050 520 4098,  is acting as the certified adviser in accordance with the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Rulebook.

The purpose of Heeros disclosure policy is to ensure that all market participants have a possibility for equal, equitable and simultaneous access to the information to determine the value of the Heeros share. All communications are performed in a transparent, credible, proactive, timely and consistent manner to support a fair valuation.

The principles of Heeros disclosure policy are:

  • Released information is based on facts
  • Information sharing is equal and transparent
  • Information sharing is coherent and accurate
  • Information is release as soon as possible 

The principles of communication and key information sharing channels are listed in the disclosure policy (in Finnish)

The CEO of Heeros is responsible for Investor Relations:

Niklas Lahti
CEO, Heeros Oyj
+358 40 774 1777

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Disclosure policy (FI)

Detailed disclosure policy of Heeros in Finnish.

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