Seamless information flow between business systems can be crucial for efficient work. Between Heeros software solutions, data is transferred automatically, and we also ensure that your most essential systems are integrated with Heeros software.

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Integrations with Heeros solutions and third-party systems

At Heeros, we already have hundreds of integrations with various systems, and we continuously develop more. Below, you can find more detailed integration listings for our different product clouds.

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Integrations with financial management software

Integrations for Heeros Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices.
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Integrations with PSA and different ERP's

Heeros PSA software has wide integration capabilities. Or do you have your own ERP in use? Check out our ERP-connector service. 

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ERP Connector service

ERP connector service is a cost-efficient and reliable way to connect ERP system and Heeros financial management software with the help of ready-made integration packages.

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