Financial management software integrations and APIs

Integrate Heeros's financial management software seamlessly into your existing systems and use them seamlessly together. If you don't find the integration you're looking for, reach out to us – it might already be in progress!

Readily available financial management software integrations

Heeros' software seamlessly integrates together, and data transfers automatically between various software applications. Below, we've outlined examples of ready-made third-party integrations for each product. Click the arrow to see the full list.

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Heeros Sales Invoices

Transfer invoicing data and registers from Heeros to external ledgers or accounting. Import sales invoicing data, as well as customer and product registry information, into Heeros. 

About Heeros Sales Invoices
With easy integration of different reporting systems such as those designed for business monitoring or time tracking, Heeros effectively supports business development and growth.

Integrations for the European market


In collaboration with our e-invoicing and payment transfer partner OpenText, we offer a ready-made solution for small and medium-sized companies looking to internationalise. This solution is designed for the European market and we offer it through the purchase and sales invoice solutions of Heeros. Our solution supports transfer formats defined in the EU's e-invoicing standard, such as Finvoice 3.0, TEAPPS 3.0 and PEPPOL.


APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, serve as collaborative interfaces connecting software systems. Through these interfaces, data seamlessly moves from one system to another, formatted in a way that each software can interpret it. This dynamic, real-time automation of data transfer not only streamlines information processing but also significantly boosts the efficiency of financial management operations.

Decision making

We are constantly developing our APIs

We are consistently developing new open interfaces to facilitate data flows between various software applications.

For sales invoices, we provide a JSON REST API , allowing you to import sales invoices created in another system into Heeros for billing or direct processing by the sales ledger.

Our APIs for purchase invoices enable the import and retrieval of purchase invoices, posting details, various registers, as well as images and attachments from external systems.

ERP Connector service

ERP connector service is a cost-efficient and reliable way to connect ERP system and Heeros financial management software with the help of ready-made integration packages.

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