Global e-invoicing with Heeros PSA & Heeros financial software

Start using Heeros' e-invoicing for faster payments, improved cash flow, better account reconciliation, reducing costs, and fewer disputes and rejected invoices.

Entire invoicing cycle in one unified platform! 

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Why is it a good idea to combine Heeros PSA with Heeros financial administration?

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One unified platform

Less is more! You'll get all key functions in one comprehensive solution, save time, and have fewer manual data entries.
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Comprehensive financial management

With Heeros integration you can manage supplier bills, sales invoices, expenses, process sales receipts, and more. Always according to local mandates. 
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Suited for prosessional services

Heeros offers cloud solutions designed to make professional service company's financial administration easier and more efficient.

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Benefit from e-invoicing
Say goodbye to manual data entries, spreadsheets/templates, and start using e-invoicing for faster payments, improved cash flows, reduced costs, and more.
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Sending sales invoices electronically is easy regardless of the customer's location

The integration of Heeros PSA & Heeros financial solutions enables the easy creation and transmission of electronic sales invoices from a single platform, for both your domestic and international customers. With our unified solution, you automate operations and save time. Notifications of incoming payments and automatic transfers to the bookkeeping also significantly streamline the process.

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Create sales invoices

Create sales invoices in Heeros PSA based on existing projects data.



Send to clients

Send sales invoices to customers via Heeros as e-invoices, in pdf format or by letter.



Get notified of payments

You'll be notified when the client has paid the invoices.

Automated transfers

Payments are automatically transferred to your accounting software and electronic archive.

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You receive supplier bills effortlessly electronically, regardless of the supplier's invoice format

From the supplier bills that arrive in Heeros financial software, you can select the invoices that you want to transfer to PSA for approval and return to financial software for payment.

Forget manual processing of supplier bills and save time. With our solution, the supplier bill process is handled efficiently and quickly. It is also easy to send invoices directly to the bookkeeping.

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Automatically synchronize & manage all your finances in Heeros

Electronically manage your entire financials such as sales invoices and supplier bills in Heeros PSA and send them securely to Heeros financial management software for bookkeeping and e-archives.

Make your company’s financial administration easier, automatic, and more efficient.

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Expand your experience by integrating your favorite apps

Boost productivity and simplify your workflow even more by integrating your favorite apps with Heeros PSA like Google Workspace, O365, and Hubspot just to name a few.

Try Heeros PSA for free!

You can try our versatile PSA software for free for fourteen days. Click and start your trial immediately.

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