Board of Directors

The Board of Directors attends to the management of the company and the due organisation of the company’s operations.  

The Board of Directors comprises three to seven (3-7) members who are elected in the Annual General Meeting for a term that ends at the end of the Annual General Meeting following their election. 

Independency from major shareholders 

Of the board members, Juho Nikkola, Taru Mäkinen and Paavo Pakkanen are independent from the company and independent from major shareholders. Niklas Lahti is independent from major shareholders but not independent from the company as he is employed as CEO. Chairman of Board Jostein Vik is not independent from major shareholders. Of the board observers, Eirik Hjelmeland and Axel Medefelt-Westphalen are not independent from the major shareholders of the company. 

The board consists of: 

Name Position Born Elected to board

Jostein Vik

Chairman of the Board



Juho Nikkola

Board member



Taru Mäkinen

Board member



Paavo Pakkanen

Board member



Niklas Lahti

Board member



Eirik Hjelmeland

Board observer 



Axel Medefelt-Westphalen

Board observer 




Jostein Vik, Chairman of the Board

Education: MSc, Economics & Business Administration 

Work experience:  
Partner, Viking Venture 2001— 

Key positions of trust: 
Chairman of board, FotoWare, hallituksen puheenjohtaja, 2020— 
Member of board, Assolvi, 2019— 
Member of board, Keystone Education Group, 2021-  

Chairman of board, Keystone Education Group, 2020-2021  
Member of board, House of Control Group, 2015-2021 
Chairman of board, House of Control Group, 2021-2022 
Shareholdings in company: 0 shares 


Juho Nikkola, Member of the Board 

Education: MSc (Technology) 

Work experience: 
Toimitusjohtaja & konsultti, QDC Business Engineering Oy, 1998- 
CIO, Pretax, 2000-2010 
CTO, Kronodoc, 1998 
Project Manager, CERN/HIP, TuoviWDM, 1995-1998 
Director, TKK/Teollisuusautomaation instituutti, 1989-1995 

Key positions of trust: 
Heeros, member of board, 2012-2016 
Pretax, member of board, 2000-2010 
Specta, advisory board member, 2007-2009 
Suomen tuotannonohjausyhdistys ry, hallituksen puheenjohtaja 2012-2015 

Shareholdings in company: 31 485 shares 


Taru Mäkinen, Member of the Board 

Education: BSc, Economics & Business Administration, MBA 

Work experience: 
CFO, Efecte, 2009— 
Group Controller, Efecte, 2018-2019 
CFO, Timecap 2017-2018 
Finance Business Partner, Schneider Electric Finland, 2016-2017 
Group Controller & Business Area Controller, Maillefer International, 2015-2016 
Business Area Controller, Pöyry Finland, 2010-2015 
Business Controller, Pöyry Civil, 2008-2009 

Shareholdings in company: 80 shares 


Paavo Pakkanen, Member of the Board 

Education: MSc (Technology) 

Work experience: 
CEO, Softhaven, 2022— 
Investment Director, Sievi Capital, 2019-2022 
Head of M&A, Sanoma Media Finland, 2018-2019 
Director M&A, Innofactor, 2015-2017 
Investment Manager, Helmet Capital, 2010-2015 

Key positions of trust: 
Logistikas, member of board, 2020-2022 
Nordic Rescue Group, member of board, 2020— 
Nosto Solutions, board observer, 2018-2021 

Shareholdings in company: 0 shares 


Niklas Lahti, Member of the Board 

Education: MSc, Economics & Business Administration 

Work experience:  
CEO, Heeros, 2023- 
COO, Tesseract Investment, 2021-2022 
Director, M&A, Digia, 2018-2020 
Director, Agile Software Development, Mobile (QT) Software Development, Digia, 2017-2018 
CEO/Entrepreneur, Nord Software, 2013-2017 
COO/CFO, Nord Software, 2012-2013 
Analyst, Rite Ventures, 2010-2011 

Key positions of trust: 
Blidz, member of board, 2014-2019  
Blidz, chairman of board, 2019— 
TheaterJS, member of board, 2017— 

Shareholdings in company: 47 619 shares