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The ERP connector service seamlessly integrates ERP systems and Heeros financial management software utilizing pre-built integration toolkits. It is specifically targeted at medium-sized companies that are transforming their financial and/or ERP solutions.

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With ERP connector service, integrations become the least of your concerns

The ERP connector service significantly accelerates integration work, and integrations can be completed in a matter of days. It also allows ERP projects to be executed with a lower risk as it enables finance-first approach to transformation projects. When financial management programs are implemented first, data is obtained more rapidly and can be systematically monitored throughout the entire project.

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Real-time visibility into financial data in just a few days

During ERP transformation projects, visibility into real-time financial data can become blurred if the integration of financial management software into the new ERP system is left until the very end.

With ERP connector service, a project conducted using the finance-first model helps ensure that the CFO receives timely financial data right from the start of the project and can steer the business more profitably.

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Efficient data transfer

The ERP connector service reduces the need for manual data transfer and minimizes the time required to build integrations. Integrations are more cost-effective and reliable when built on pre-made toolkits.

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Connect to external systems


A broad set of modern integration tools and technologies from REST APIs to integration platforms.

Ready integrations to hundreds of 3rd party ERPs internationally

Standard integration toolkits

Quick communication

Consulting with experts

Heeros integration team’s broad expertise

Vast experience from multiple industries and organizations of various sizes

Efficient execution of customized integrations

Heeros financial management software

Automate all processes from purchase and sales invoices to accounting and archiving with user-friendly financial management software, or enhance your systems with the features you actually need.

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