In the decision-making and governance of Heeros Plc, Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, securities market legislation, Heeros Plc's Articles of Association, and regulations applicable to First North companies are followed.

In accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Articles of Association, the highest responsibility for Heeros' governance and operations lies with Heeros' governing bodies, which include the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the CEO. Shareholders exercise the ultimate decision-making authority at the Annual General Meeting. The CEO is assisted in the operational management of the company by Heeros' management team.

Heeros' financial statements, business reviews, and interim reports are prepared in accordance with good accounting practices and Finnish legislation.

The financial information in the financial reviews is presented to the extent required by Section 4.4 (e) of the First North rules. The figures presented have been rounded from precise numbers.

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Aktia Alexander Corporate Finance Oy
Pohjoisesplanadi 37 A, 00100 Helsinki
Tel.: 050 520 4098

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