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Get a better view and control on current and future financials with best-of-breed financial management systems integrated to your ERP. No costly, risky and complex ERP transformation projects. 
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The need and opportunity for a leap in finance function

Tax and open banking regulations are reshaping real-time finance​, meaning that companies need to adapt. Or better yet, they get an opportunity to take a leap in future-proofing their finance function and make it a competitive advantage. Doing so across countries with best-of-breed software added on to your ERP is usually time and money saving decision.

Collecting information

Tackle e-invoice regulations once and for all

The global trend in making e-invoicing mandatory is evident especially in Europe. As you can see from our map on countries planning or issuing e-invoicing mandates, there is no question on how companies need to handle their invoicing within upcoming few years. 

Rather than tackling one regulation at a time, link your digitalization efforts to your company's longer term strategy and take a more holistic approach accordingly. Not necessarily by making complex changes to ERP(s) used in different countries of operation, but cost-efficiently by implementing specialized software.

Banking operations

Seize the opportunities of open banking

The second Payment Services Directive required EU banks to open their account information and payment initiation interfaces to external service providers​ and more regulations are planned.

B2B sector is increasingly starting to utilize open banking. With it, companies can get access to more accurate financial data and safe data sharing and even unlock new business opportunities. The benefits of open banking are available to companies with any ERP system through Heeros financial managements solutions. With open banking integrated to your financial management, you can automate your accounts receivables processes to a new level, improving your cash management across Europe.

Start upgrading your financial management

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Pimp your ERP's financial module with Heeros

To take the leap in financial management, you do not need to put it off due to the considered risk in ERP projects nor jump to a big ERP project. Get to know Heeros solutions that help you "pimp your ERP" to meet the future needs.

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Heeros Sales Invoices

Invoice to cash faster and more reliably also internationally. Create and send sales invoices easily as e-invoices or other types of invoices and manage accounts receivable.

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Heeros Purchase Invoices

Streamline the handling of purchase invoices from receiving and circulating them to accounts payable. Ensure transparency of global expenses through purchase invoice management enhanced by AI.
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Import and export

ERP connector service

The ERP connector service seamlessly integrates ERP systems and Heeros financial management software utilizing pre-built integration toolkits. Fast and reliable integrations while transforming financial and/or ERP solutions.

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