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Lantmännen Agro's retail chain automated invoice processing with Heeros

Lantmännen Agro aims to streamline its operations by automating the invoicing processes of its retail network using Heeros solutions and integrating them into its ERP system.

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Company: Lantmännen Agro

Industry: Wholesale and retail

Revenue 2021: 568 M€

Heeros Solutions: Purchase Invoices, transfer of sales invoices and electronic archive 

Sustainably, efficiently and profitably - that is the way Lantmännen Agro supports agriculture businesses that provide us all food all the way from the fields to our plates.

Looking for growth, Lantmännen Agro acquired the retail chain business in 2017. In 2021, it became evident that the invoicing systems needed to be updated and the current solutions were no longer sufficient. 

"For growth, it is crucial that manual processes are automated and modern systems are in place," says Tuomo Pulkkanen, CIO at Lantmännen Agro. "The stores were still managing a lot of purchase invoices manually in paper and that's just not how it should be. We wanted to fix this with Heeros."

"Together we planned a package that improves the efficiency of Lantmännen Agro in the best possible way. For that, it was clear that solutions needed to be seamlessly integrated to the existing ERP system," says Henrik Forsberg, Lantmännen Agro's customer success manager at Heeros.


Easy-to-use software made work more efficient and enabled a better overview on financials

The store owners and employees have experienced the biggest changes after taking Heeros into use.

CEO of T Junes Oy Lantmännen Agro, Kirsi Arpi,  says that there have been nothing but positive implications of using Heeros. 

”The software is easy to use and following up on the invoices has become significantly easier. Not a single invoice has been lost after taking Heeros into use. If Heeros software has received the invoice, I can always find it from there. In addition, thanks to the reporting capabilities, it is now more simple to do cash flow planning."

Before Heeros, the stores were not able to receive e-invoices. Now they can, and it has removed another hindrance from their everyday life.

"All in all, my user experience is very positive. Previously we did everything manually, but now we have modern software that makes our work more efficient," says Kirsi.

Lantmannen Agro fields

Heeros helped to take invoice processing to "another level" with automation, integrations and good co-operation 

The retail store owners of Lantmännen Agro are using Heeros Purchase Invoices as well as sales invoice delivery and e-Archive.  Receiving EDI and electronic invoices as well as electronic circulating and archiving of invoices are included in this Heeros Purchase Invoice package. It was also important to get the integrations to ERP software and accounts payable set up smoothly.

”Our goal was to automate the entire process from sending invoices to receiving them, paying them and all the way to account payable. We achieved this. In addition, co-operation with Heeros has been extremely good and all problems have been solved quickly. They know their products throughout and can act quickly when needed", says Tuomo Pulkkanen.

”With Heeros, we took our invoice processing to a whole another level", he sums up. 

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Lantmännen Agro is part of Lantmännen Group that is the leading Nordic operator in the agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food industry. Their customers include but are not limited to entrepreneurs and contractors in agriculture and forestry as well as professionals and amateurs in equine industry.

Each of the retail store is headed by a local store owner as an entrepreneur. 

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