Heeros PSA makes running a business easier

Heeros PSA is a powerful software built for medium to larger companies to control their company’s central processes and help them run their business efficiently.

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Heeros PSA features:

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Sales management
  • Resource management
  • Financial management
  • Expense management
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integrations

All the Heeros PSA Software’s features work seamlessly with one another, so you don’t have to do the work manually and transfer the data from one system to another.

As a comprehensive software Heeros PSA helps you say goodbye to spreadsheets and other fragmented tools. It digitalises your work and automates processes, gathers data into one place, enhances teamwork and makes customer communication easier.

With Heeros you can focus on what’s important – your work and sales. Heeros PSA supports your work by helping you to take care of all the administrative and financial features of your business with ease, as conveniently as possible. With sales and invoicing automated, you can work more efficiently and realize the revenue from your business faster.


Always with you on mobile

Heeros PSA also works in a mobile format, in both iOS and Android environments. The mobile application helps you to control invoicing, business expenses and billable work hours while on the move – and it synchronizes the data between all of your devices. Stay on top of your invoicing and cash flow no matter where you are.

Heeros PSA grows with you

Easy to use Heeros PSA solutions are designed for everyone from small companies to large enterprises. You can get started with a free 14 days trial right away – no credit card required!


Tools to expand your business. Max. 3 seats.
Free 14 days trial

CRM functionalities


Project invoice creation

Track hours

All integrations

Mobile app (iOS and Android)

Google and O365 calendar sync

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Tools for growing businesses. Optimal for up to 10 seats.

Free 14 days trial 

All Growth-plan's features

Project management

Sales pipeline

Team chat

Users permissions


Open API

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Essential tools for running a business. Min. 5 seats.
Free 14 days trial

All features with full capabilities

Sales management

Project management

Time management

Resource management

Financial management

Expense management

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Run all your businesses on one platform. Min. 10 seats and 2 companies.
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All Enterprise-plan's features

Multi-company: CRM, Reporting, User permissions, Resource management

Multi-currency support: Manage invoicing in local currency, Invoice in multiple currencies, Enteprise multi-currency reporting

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