Everything starts with invoicing

Invoicing is the most important feature in finance since it consists of your income and revenue – it’s as simple as that. However, companies often use spreadsheets and other fragmented tools that take up a lot of time and effort.

Invoicing with Heeros PSA Software is easy and automated, so you can fully focus on other business critical activities instead of rotating different invoices and accounting tasks.


Technicalities of an invoice

An invoice has to follow certain technicalities and it must include the following information.

When you create your invoice step by step with Heeros PSA, you can be sure that it contains all the needed information.

  • A mention that this is an invoice
  • Invoice specific identification number
  • Sales contact information
  • Buyer contact information
  • Delivery and due dates of the invoice
  • Taxing, tax percentage and the total amount
  • Sorting of the costs. Unit price and the number of units. If you are invoicing a service you can report your hourly fee and the number of used work hours. You should also mention other expenses such as delivery fees
  • Possible quotes and proposals
  • The total cost
  • Method of payment
  • Sales information

Heeros PSA Software also makes it possible to perform scheduled invoices. If you have clients with monthly invoicing contracts you can automate the invoicing with scheduled, continuous invoices.


An invoice is your business card

An invoice’s visual design is important. First of all, it needs to be distinct and easy to read. Second of all, the invoice has to be easy to understand and structured in a clear way.

Invoices are a part of your brand, so they should be shaped to fit in with your business. Heeros PSA Software visualizes your invoices in a convenient way, with things like your business’s logo.

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