Turn quotations and proposals into invoices

With Heeros PSA Software’s quotation and proposal tool you can enhance your sales work in a considerable way. With a quote or a proposal you can start a discussion of your products and services with your client. A quote often helps to close a deal since it gives the client an understanding of what they are getting and paying for.

A sales quote or a proposal is a document that describes at what cost and under which conditions you are offering your services to a customer before they commit to making a purchase. A quote is not binding and it doesn’t obligate the customer to buy, but accepting the quote practically confirms the sales deal. 


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Sales quote or a sales discussion
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Sales offer creation and approval
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Delivering the products and services according to the offer
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Billing and invoicing according to the terms in the sales offer

An invoice is legally binding only when the sales deal has been agreed on by both the seller and the buyer. A binding contract is formed when you make a sales quote or a proposal your client accepts. A spoken agreement is binding per se, but to avoid misunderstandings an offer should be made in a written form and accepted in a way that is documented.

What is a good sales quote like?

A sales quote doesn’t have a standardized model, but a professional sales quote includes at least the following information:

  • Your company’s information and a contact person the customer can get in touch with if they need more information
  • The customer’s information – at least a name, an address and the contact information
  • Breakdown of products and services with individualized prices
  • The date and the period of validity of the sales quote
  • An individual reference number, so you can recognise the offer you made in the future
  • The sales quotes information and other conditions
  • Possible attachments, such as more specific information on the sold service
  • Signatures to confirm the approval of the sales deal. Note! With Heeros PSA Software you can accept the sales quote digitally

With Heeros PSA Software you can easily generate professional sales quotes and proposals with all their needed information.

Complete your sales quote with attachments

With Heeros PSA Software, you can easily add various attachments to your sales quote to clarify the offer’s content. The attachments can be for example images, descriptions or PDF files.

Add a payment plan to your sales quote

It’s often easier to seal the sales deal with a customer if they can pay the invoice divided in several parts. It also makes evening out the cash flow easier for you. You can agree on, for example, billing one third of the work beforehand, one third in the middle of the project, and the last third after the work is finished.

With Heeros PSA Software you can create a payment plan effortlessly as a part of the sales quote. When the customer accepts the offer, the payment plan will automatically form into invoices.

Send the sales quote and offer for approval

When your offer is ready you can send it to your client directly from the software. Your client will be informed of the new offer.

Approval and communication with the client

The client can approve your offer digitally in the Heeros PSA Software – and you’ll be informed of their approval.


Creating a new offer

If the client for one reason or another declines the offer, you’ll still be notified, so you can be in touch with them to continue the conversation and to draft a new offer.

Heeros PSA Software also includes a handy messenger feature to help you to negotiate the sales offer and its terms with your client – directly in the same context as the sales quote.


Take control of the entire sales pipeline

Heeros PSA Software also includes an effective sales tool to control leads and follow their journey though the different phases of the sales pipeline. The tool helps you to design sales actions with your team and to follow the sales progress with cohesive reports, so you won’t need other tools to lead the sales. 

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