Time tracking and billable hours

It’s essential for businesses to remember to invoice every work hour. This is why all billable hours should be tracked and registered right from the start, so they’ll be saved and targeted correctly.

Time and work hour tracking can of course be done manually, but it’s not always easy. With the Heeros PSA Software time tracking can be easily done through a website browser or the mobile app. The tracking feature automates work hour tracking, expense control and the invoice processes, so a client’s invoice will automatically include the correct work hours and expenses, through the targeting you’ve made to the client’s project.


The significance of time tracking grows along with your company


When the company grows and the number of employees increases, it’s important to have use of the needed leading and project control tools. Only by tracking the work hours can you stay up to date with work efficiency – and enhance it. Time tracking will show you where the employees’ time is going and what their billable invoicing rate is.

Heeros PSA Software also includes a resourcing tool to help you efficiently control sales, guide work hours and keep projects under control.


You can target work hours to the client project directly in the software so the hours marked to the client will automatically be composed to the project’s invoice. You can also track the work hours by different work tasks, with their own specified hourly fees.