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Dmitrijs Ozerovs has been working as a scrum master at Heeros for over a year. He was born and raised in Latvia, and after high school he decided to pursue a career within the IT sphere. After first working with a lot of Finnish colleagues in Latvia, he got the idea to move to Finland and Heeros provided him with the opportunity to do so.


Dmitrijs has found a fitting role at Heeros

The role of a scrum master involves maintaining a team’s adherence to the software development methodology called scrum. Although Dmitrijs also handles typical management duties, such as time report and vacation approvals, his role as a scrum master differs largely from a traditional manager role. His main responsibility is to ensure that his team members are able to work efficiently and adhere to the scrum and agile principles.

"My role involves talking with team members, making sure that they have all the resources and tools they need, and checking that there are no obstacles in their way. In case there are, I would handle the communication there."

A normal work week for Dmitrijs involves talking to his team members and ensuring that they are able to perform to the best of their ability. If necessary, he would remove any obstacles preventing them from working in an effective manner by handling communication and maintaining the various scrum and agile ceremonies to coordinate things with different stakeholders. 

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Heeros provides an environment for Dmitrijs to excel in his role

Dmitrijs describes himself as a down to earth and realistic type of person. He believes that the position of a scrum master requires a somewhat unique mindset and finds the role to be fitting for his personality. He states that the ability to motivate the professionals who he works with is an important part of the job. According to Dmitrijs, Heeros provides a working environment where it is possible to do that and enables him to excel in this role.

"I make sure that the professionals we work with are motivated, able to work efficiently and not interrupted. Heeros definitely enables me to excel in my role."

Dmitrijs enjoys the work culture and atmosphere at Heeros. He prefers a leaner and horizonal organizational structure where there are no clear cut lanes of responsibility. At Heeros, everyone understands the goals of the company and works towards them. The managers' job is to help people perform at their highest potential.

"The work culture at Heeros is employee-friendly and goal-oriented. I enjoy the fact that I am able to get to know every colleague due to the smaller size of the company."


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Scrum Master Dmitrijs Ozerovs
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