Why employee time and vacation tracking app is essential for your company?

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Why employee time tracking app is so important?

There are many functions included in time tracking. With time tracking employees activity can be measured and in order to do salary payments, hours need to be known and reported.

Time tracking has an important role in the many different operations that need to be followed up and developed within the company. The realized hours of the employees in for example projects, different work phases and departments, gives a good hint of how well resourcing has been done and what areas need to be taken in consideration for future planning.

Basically, time tracking can be done with a spreadsheet program but time tracking in real-time is here to stay, because this way you can specify work hours and invoicing can be done automatically. The price of a system in relation to working time due to the use of another method is so that that it makes sense to give up old habits.

One of the absolute benefits of having time tracking as a cloud service is the flexibility. It’s not tied to a particular time or place and can also be used on mobile devices. This enables time tracking in real-time, which will benefit all parties: the employee, the employer, the entire company as well as the financial administration.


Why employee time tracking app: how employee & employer will benefit

As far as the employee is concerned, one of the most important features of a time tracking system is definitely the ease of use. The ideal situation is where the employee can add hours quickly and with minimal effort. When the software is easy to use, there will be fewer errors and this can increase flexibility in work and also affect workplace wellbeing.

Heeros PSA, which offers time tracking as a cloud service, meets all of the above-mentioned criteria. For employees, it’s clear to use, hours get recorded as part of a project and the same hours doesn’t need to be marked in many different places. The employee saves time and effort so that energy can be directed to work itself.

Time management tool is always at hand in Heeros PSA, as it can be found at any time with a web browser, either on a computer or on a mobile device. By keeping track of their marked hours, employees keep up to date on how much work has been spent on each job and remaining available hours.

Time tracking in real time facilitates the daily life of the employee and enables one to be aware of how hours are spent and the total amount of hours done. When practice for time tracking is clear, there is no need for reminders and there will be no delays in getting the information needed.


Why employee time tracking app: Cloud-based time tracking enhances the entire company’s operations

Modern time tracking as a cloud service enables businesses to perform activities more efficiently. When it comes to a unified system such as Heeros PSA, where time tracking is part of the whole, working time data is available elsewhere in the company’s management as well.

Through time-tracking, the information is conveniently accessed for payroll and is spared from unnecessary intermediate steps. At the same time, it ensures the reliability of data and avoids human errors when hours come from the system. Through hours monitoring, hours can also be easily transferred to your bookkeeping.

From the invoicing point of view, easy-to-use work time monitoring is a valuable tool that allows every hour to be invoiced. The easier it is to use time tracking, the more likely the short work times used for the project will be recorded and accumulate into invoicing.

Without time tracking, your company is likely to be losing money.

"The last 15 minutes of the workday make this company's results," said the CEO of an advertising agency. We know this is true.

Employee time tracking app: why Heeros PSA?

Besides easy-to-use time tracking, Heeros PSA has all the other tools as well needed to manage the company: CRM and sales management, project management, financial management and reporting, collaboration and communication.

To learn more about Heeros PSA software and our full range of all-in-one solution for professional services, start a free trial! 

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