Solutions for international financial management

Ensure compliant e-invoicing, unified and efficient processing of purchase & sales invoices internationally and smooth integration to ERP systems.


Expanding and operating internationally means dealing with different regulations and operational environments. Many times CFOs need to figure out how to adjust and/or add on to current financial management solutions, such as sales and purchase invoice processing solutions. What's more, the ERP systems used can vary in each country or business area and changing some of these legacy systems might not be feasible.

Whether you are entering new markets or looking for alternative, best-of-breed international financial management solutions to replace current ones, we will make it more easy for you to continue doing business smoothly and in alignment with local legislation. Heeros offering is backed up by close collaboration with OpenText, global market leader for Information Management. 

Focus resources on core business and growth with international financial management 


☑️ Increase transparency and control on global financials

☑️ Improve cost efficiency and boost profitability

☑️ Ensure smooth business processes with reliable integrations

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Increase transparency and control on global financials

  • Empower the AR and AP teams with unified set of tools

  • Harmonize invoice-to-cash and invoice-to-pay processes across different countries

  • Centralize e-archiving of all invoices in a cloud-based archive

  • Compliance and untangled local invoicing regulations

Improve cost efficiency and boost profitability

  • Reduce manual work by automating repetitive tasks
  • Lower the cost of maintenance and training with smaller number of services/solutions

  • Facilitate the centralization of financial operations processes in a single location (SSC/GBS)

  • Implement software up to 90 % faster than with the most common purchase and sales invoicing solutions

Ensure smooth business processes with reliable integrations

  • Avoid ERP transformation projects with modern APIs 

    • Ready integrations to hundreds of 3rd party ERPs internationally 

  • In case ERP transformation project is inevitable, get value faster and more reliably  with Heeros ERP connector
  • Lower costs in integration projects by using standard Heeros integration toolkits
  • Reliable integrations of best-of-breed software to ERPs

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Cavotec grows internationally 

A company like Cavotec needs internationally operating and scaling services. Heeros Purchase Invoices solution is used in all operating countries, and now "everything is so much more simple, smoother and easier". 

Heeros solutions for international financial management

Heeros Purchase Invoices

Combine all e-invoices and PDF invoices from every country in one system. HPI interprets invoices automatically and processes the VAT rates of each country. In addition, invoice approvals can be managed and, if needed, moved into an EPR system from Heeros Purchase Invoices solution.

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Heeros Sales Invoices

A future-proof and scalable solution that allows you to automate processes throughout the invoice lifecycle. You can be sure that all invoices are sent to customers according to the e-invoicing standards, as we will have the solution up-to-date with standards on your behalf.

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Integrations and ERP connector

Both Heeros Purchase invoices and Sales Invoices are easy to integrate with modern APIs to any ERP system. In addition, Heeros ERP connector service gives our customers access to ready-made integration toolkits and our integration team’s broad expertise during finance or ERP transformations.

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Are you looking to manage your entire business from projects to sales and invoicing? Heeros PSA simplifies your work across projects, clients and countries.

 Make sure you are prepared as digitalization of financial administration is taking a leap in Europe. We gathered a quick overview on the countries that are evaluating, rolling out or already have e-invoicing regulations.

E-invoicing regulations in Europe - See country statuses

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Financial management systems for international companies

When a company starts to internationalize, financial management systems and processes are rarely among the top priorities. However, with the right selection and implementation, there are benefits to claim, such as increased transparency and control on financials.

PEPPOL helps your company to e-invoice internationally

PEPPOL is an international communication infrastructure and network to convey electronic documents like e-invoices. This post is a gives you a good understanding of the basics and how you can take it into use.

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When you are seeking for new tools for financial management, get in touch. Let's find the best possible solution together!

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