AI posting proposal complements the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution

AI posting proposal complements the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution

We have now added a new functionality to the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution for you to save more time and money: AI postings. This functionality enables posting proposals formed by an artificial intelligence to be retrieved side by side with the supplier's default posting; AI postings may be enabled with an additional fee.

Supplier default posting and AI posting proposals in practice

When an invoice arrives in the system, the system will match a supplier to the invoice. If a default posting has been saved for said supplier, the system will create a posting for the invoice and the invoice is then transferred to the invoice handler. Heeros Purchase Invoices utilizes the supplier default posting feature of the approval workflow solution, or integrated external system (Exact Online). This is enough to cover many invoices that are always booked to the same account and accounting objects. If default postings aren't utilized for said supplier, the system will suggest an AI posting for the invoice based on the history data analyzed by the AI from our partner Snowfox.AI.

When the new functionality is enabled for a customer, teaching data composed of few months' processed purchase invoices will be entered into the artificial intelligence model. If there is no existing history data, the AI will start its learning process when it has seen approximately 10 invoices.

Save more time when processing purchase invoices

When an invoice arrives in Heeros Purchase Invoices, the AI ​​interprets the invoice information and provides a prediction of the posting based on the generated posting history. The invoice handler only needs to review the posting prediction and complete possible cost allocations. If no changes are needed, you are done. 

If the posting proposal is incorrect and handler edits the posting, the corrected information is sent back to the AI for it to learn and improve on the supplier's next incoming prediction. As the AI learns, the predictions will become even more accurate and more time will be freed on productive tasks. The accuracy of Snowfox's posting suggestions is roughly 85-90 % right from the start.

Ready to take automation to the next level?

If you are an existing Heeros user, contact your contact person to get you going with the AI. If you are looking for new ways to improve your invoice processing overall, learn more about the entire Heeros Purchase Invoice solution via the button below.

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