Register declaration

Data controller:

Heeros Oyj
Business ID: 1598868-0
Televisiokatu 4

Contact information of person responsible for register matters

Mikko Pilkama
Televisiokatu 4, 00240 Helsinki
+358 40 828 3717

Name of the register

Heeros CRM

Purpose of the use of personal information and legal basis for handling

Personal information is used for communications at Heeros Oyj and for digital B2B direct marketing / based on the recipients’ area of responsibility in their enterprise. The register is also used as the customer register of Heeros Oyj. Using the information for communications and marketing is necessary for the realisation of the fair interests of the data controller. Recording personal information and handling the information is also necessary for Heeros to be able to implement matters that have been agreed upon in the agreement made with the customer.

Data fields in the register

The person’s name
The person’s e-mail address
The person’s title / area of responsibility
The person’s language
Company name
Company contact information
Company field of operations

Register information sources

Information received from customers or potential customers of Heeros Oyj. Public websites. Suomen Asiakastieto marketing register used for Finnish data collection.

Handing over information

Information will not be handed over to third parties Information will not be moved outside the EU. Heeros Oyj can also outsource the handling of personal information to companies outside the company, in which case sufficient data security and handling of the register will be secured through a contract.

Protecting the register

The register is kept in a password-protected customer management system that can be accessed by persons authorised by Heeros Oyj within Heeros Oyj. Only authorised persons have the right to handle and maintain information from the register. Users are bound by confidentiality.


We use “cookies” on our pages. A cookie is a small text file sent to the user’s computer where it is stored. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer or files.

The primary purpose of using cookies is to improve and adapt the visitor’s experience in using the site and to analyse and improve the function and content of the pages. Information gathered with the help of cookies can also be utilised in targeting communications and marketing and in the optimisation of marketing measures.

A visitor cannot be identified on the basis of cookies alone. Information received with the help of cookies can nevertheless be linked to information that may have been received in a different connection, for instance if the user fills a form on our website.

The following kind of information is collected with the help of cookies:
– The visitor’s IP address
– The time of the visit
– Pages that were visited and the time spent on the pages
– The visitor’s browser

Storage time

The personal information of the customer is removed when the customer relationship comes to an end. Other personal information collected for purposes of communications and marketing will be kept indefinitely.

Your rights

Users visiting our pages can prevent the use of cookies whenever they want to by changing the settings of their browser. Most browser software allows the cookie function to be turned off and the removal of cookies that have already been saved. Preventing the use of cookies can affect the function of the web pages.

You have the right, within the framework of the law, to check what information we have collected about you. You have the right, within the framework of the law, to demand that erroneous, unnecessary, inadequate, or outdated personal information be fixed or removed. Each direct mail sent by us has a link that the recipient can use to prevent direct mailing. You can also forbid Heeros Oyj from using information on you for direct marketing by sending an e-mail to