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Implementing Heeros software is easy

The modular structure of Heeros solutions allows our customers to implement only the functionalities they want and to expand the software package later as needed. Heeros software can also be integrated easily with other financial applications and ERP solutions. This allows for seamless interaction between different applications and successful development of the company’s financial administration processes.

Once you have selected the Heeros solution that is best for your business, we will set up a launch plan for you. A Heeros project manager is assigned to look after your company. They are responsible for the successful implementation of your software. We also plan software training, so you can start using your new applications under the guidance of our team. Heeros will continue to support you after setup, as our skilled software support team and Help Center are always available to you free of charge.

software implementation

Heeros software implementation

  • You are introduced to your dedicated Heeros project manager
  • A timetable is set for launch
  • We agree on the material and data to be transferred to the cloud
  • We implement the Heeros software
  • You receive user training

Our support service is always at your disposal

As a Heeros software user you have access to our free support service, which helps and supports customers in using our applications. We use three different channels to provide support: the Heeros Help Center, email and telephone.

In addition to personal service, you have access to the Heeros Help Center database, which provides you with the latest news updates as well as resources and instructions to support your work. You can access our Help Center anytime, anywhere.

Contacting Heeros software support service

Heeros Help Center

Heeros Help Center: support request forms and database.


Heeros software support service

Training & Webinars

Heeros Help Center: support request forms and database.

Support for adding new clients

  • Heeros sets up the new client user
  • Heeros adds all the necessary services to the new client
  • Heeros configures the new clients’ settings

We also help accounting firms to set up clients as users

If you are an accounting firm, Heeros can add your clients as users of the Heeros service and configure the required settings. You save time and work gets done effortlessly, even in peak periods. The more of your clients that use Heeros, the more efficient your work will be thanks to the automated processes.

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