The modular solution from Heeros adapts to your needs.

With a browser-based solution, Heeros makes it easy to manage all financial administration processes, wherever, whenever. The products work with all terminals. Thanks to the modular structure of the software suite, you can commission only the solutions you want, growing the coverage of the software one piece at a time.

Heeros applications are easy to integrate as part of other financial administration or ERP programs. Ready-made interfaces with more than a hundred systems ensure seamless interoperability between programs and managed development of the financial administration.


Benefits and ease of use

  • Browser-based solution removes restrictions of time or place
  • Automated routines reduce manual work and errors
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface make work faster
  • The programs are available in different languages
  • No more investments in hardware or software updates—pure saving of time and money
  • New versions are available to you without specific version subscriptions
  • With resources freed for core tasks, you can invest in customer service
  • Modular structure means that you use only what you need
  • Interfaces with several systems make commissioning easy and also enable parallel use
  • Free-of-charge customer support—Heeros Help Centre and product guides provide help when you need it
  • Boost the efficiency of financial administration routines with optional outsourcing of routine work to Heeros

The Heeros dashboard helps you with your daily routines

When you log into a Heeros product, you will see the dashboard designed to make your company’s cash-flow management easier. The welcome page shows the financial administration tasks that your company should perform. In addition, bulletins you create and latest news from Heeros are shown on the dashboard. Improved efficiency in daily routines and flow of information in your company!