Electronic archiving

By using electronic archiving you can store all documents, such as purchase, sales and travel invoices. 







Heeros Electronic archiving 

You can store all documents, such as purchase, sales and travel invoices, account statements, documents and reports safely in the electronic archive from Heeros. A variety of access levels can be assigned to the archive, including access for auditors, and the visibility of documents can be restricted. Where necessary, the archive can automatically send out e-mail notices, and finding the right document is easy thanks to the versatile search functions.

Benefits of electronic archiving

Reliable storage of material keeps important documents safe, as required by the Bookkeeping Act.

Reports are always accessible to users without printing or sending.

Automatic reminders make work easier and eliminate the need to remember everything.

Versatile search functions save your time and boost the efficiency of your work.


Heeros Archive – Electronic archiving

  • Separate archives for receipts, documents and reports.
  • Transfer documents also from other financial administration systems.
  • Supports various file formats, such as Word, PDF, TIFF.
  • Free-form text search for documents.
  • Create main categories and sub-classes for documents.
  • Automated e-mail notices directly from the archive.
  • Linking documents with other systems.
Electronic archiving

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