eSalary for modern payroll

Heeros eSalary meets even the most demanding payroll management needs of customers in Finland.

In modern payroll, routines are automated 

Update your payroll processes to be more straightforward and cost-efficient by reducing manual labor and integrating to time management systems with Heeros eSalary. Available for customers in Finland.

Thanks to multiple registers, Heeros eSalary is for companies of all sizes in any industry and can easily be adjusted according to collective labor agreements. You can choose to use it by yourself or in collaboration with your accounting firm. We have integrations readily available to tens of time management systems and are constantly developing our solutions further in collaboration with our customers. 

Versatile Heeros eSalary

  • Automation at the core
  • Average hourly earnings and annual leave calculation
  • Handles demanding accounting 
  • Comprehensive time off in lieu (TOIL) management 
  • Data transfer to Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) 
  • Easy reporting to Incomes Register 
  • All transfers to banks 
  • Electronic payslip 
  • Clear user interface
  • Can be easily integrated
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HR solution as a part of payroll 

Heeros HR solution makes payroll processes easier and gathers important data to one place. It allows you to manage employee data in a secure way. Up-to-date information and reports are always available for HR, managers and employees. 

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Effortless implementation and free support for eSalary

Transferring personnel and salary information from old systems is easy, so you can continue working without interruptions and start using Heeros eSalary quickly.  

User interface is clear and helps you in navigating in the tool. If needed, we provide support in multiple channels, such as through phone support specialized in payroll (only in Finland). 

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In the demo you get to learn more about Heeros and what solutions could benefit you and how. The demo is completely free and is not binding you to anything.

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