Systematic archiving keeps documents always safe and available.








Cash receipts to Heeros systems from mobile devices

eReceipt is part of the Heeros mobile application. Take photos with your phone of various receipts, including those in foreign currencies, and send them via the application straight to Heeros Archive. In the archive, you can easily attach the photos to the desired purchase and credit card invoices, accounting documents or account statement transactions for processing. With eReceipt, you can also create expense claims from your own receipts.

The eReceipt archive allows you to browse, delete and modify the data of previously submitted receipts. Versatile search functions help you find the right receipts. If needed, the company’s accountant may supplement the receipts stored by different users in the archive.

You can even create eReceipts offline. The document is saved as a draft and is submitted automatically when the device goes online.



The eReceipt archive is contained in Heeros Archive


Sending own receipts, monitoring, modification and deletion rights


Modifying eReceipts in the mobile application and in the eReceipt archive


Free-form text search for products in the eReceipt archive


Adding eReceipts to a purchase or credit card invoice in Heeros Purchase invoices


Adding eReceipts to Heeros accounting transactions


Creating expense claims from eReceipts in Purchase invoices


Capability to process receipts in foreign currencies

Cash receipts to systems from mobile devices_

Benefits of eReceipt

  • Systematic archiving keeps documents always safe and available.
  • Versatile search functions let you find the documents you need.
  • Smooth receipt processing saves money and frees up time for core tasks.
  • Easy attachment handling boosts the processing of credit card invoices, for example.
  • Easy to handle tasks wherever, whenever, with the mobile and browser interfaces.
  • Shared workspace boosts the efficiency of collaboration between the accounting firm and customers.

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