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Boost the efficiency of your routine financial administration tasks.



Financial administration with a smartphone

You can create travel invoices and eDocuments, and forward and approve purchase invoices in the approval process. Smart device features (location, camera, alarms, calendar, e-mail) combined with Heeros Mobile boost the efficiency of your routine financial administration tasks and accelerate the workflow.


Travel invoices

    • Information automatically as part of the travel invoice, no entries afterwards.
    • Receipts for expenses are always available. No more need to hunt for receipts later.


Purchase invoices

    • Faster invoice review, payments made on time
    • Posting rows, images and attachments visible in the mobile version and all information always available.


    • Receipts are easy to add for invoices and transactions, making invoice processing more efficient
    • Also works offline—no need to wait until you have a signal.

Travel invoices

With the travel invoice application, you can produce travel invoices while you are still travelling. The mobile application registers the distance driven and the time spent, automating the calculation of daily allowance and mileage reimbursement, and the data is automatically recorded as part of the travel invoice. If necessary, you can even modify data afterwards. If you are on the road for several days, you can produce all stages on a single travel invoice.

Expense documents related to the travel invoice (parking, restaurants, catering for meetings etc.) are easy to photograph with the camera feature in the application, saving the image directly to a travel invoice expense row, which eliminates the need to send the receipts to the payroll department separately. At the end of the trip, the travel invoice is ready to send straight to approval and payment via the mobile application.

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Purchase invoices

With the mobile application, you can check the data and posting rows of purchase invoices being processed, as well as images and attachments associated with the invoice. If necessary, you can print invoices from the Mobil application, for example in case of a multi-page invoice.

Invoices in the approval process are easy to approve even on the road. An approved invoice is sent for payment and then seamlessly added to Heeros Archive and as part of the accounting as well.



The eDocument feature allows you to process cash receipts with your smart device. Take a photo of the receipt with the camera feature in the mobile application, fill in the information related to the receipt (payment method, place of purchase, date of purchase, amount, currency and details, if any) and send it directly to the electronic archive from Heeros. The eDocuments in the archive are easy to add to purchase/credit card invoices or Heeros accounting transactions. You can also create, modify and delete eDocuments without an Internet connection. Whenever your device goes online, the information will be updated in the system.

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