E-invoicing in Europe

See in which countries it is mandatory

European governments and tax authorities are seeing e-invoicing as a mean to increase visibility to local economy, improve tax collection and drive up digitalization. Several countries have already announced that they are either already preparing a B2B e-invoicing mandate or are evaluating one, in addition to possible mandatory B2G e-invoicing and/or e-reporting.

These e-invoicing mandates can have a significant impact to financial administration operations of companies in Europe. For them, preparations should be already on the way. To help you stay up-to-date, we gathered the B2B e-invoicing mandate statuses of European countries in the below map and list.

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For detailed and latest information per country, please refer to European commission website eInvoicing Country Factsheets for each Member State & other countries.


European countries with e-invoicing mandate or plans for one

Country Status
Albania Active
Belgium Rollout 2024-2025
Croatia Evaluating
Denmark Rollout 2024-2025
France Rollout 2024-2025
Germany Rollout 2024-2025
Italy Active
Latvia Evaluating
Poland Rollout 2024-2025
Romania Evaluating
Slovakia Evaluating
Slovenia Evaluating
Spain Rollout 2024-2025
Sweden Evaluating
Turkey Active




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Practical guide on preparing for e-invoicing regulations

 In this article, we’ll take a practical look at the topic and what the changes mean for companies. See what steps you should take already know to ensure sufficient e-invoicing beyond individual mandates.

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Turn obligatory inconvenience into an opportunity

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