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HubSpot-Heeros PSA -integration supports the growth of Blink Helsinki

Empowered by the HubSpot-Heeros PSA integration, Blink Helsinki has successfully streamlined its operations. The efficiency is evident through the alignment and simplification of processes, ultimately resulting in time savings.

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Company: Blink Helsinki

Industry: Marketing and advertising

Employees: 22 

Revenue in 2022: 1,92M€ (+62 %)

Heeros solutions: Heeros PSA

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Disjointed systems didn't support processes

The lack of integration between the business management system and HubSpot resulted in unnecessary manual work, as information had to be manually updated in both systems. The revamped processes also required changes in operational management.

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Integrated process from prospect to financial management

The integration of Heeros PSA with HubSpot and financial management streamlined work and facilitated the simplification of processes.

Blink Helsinki, a marketing agency that specializes in combining creative concepts, content marketing, and data-driven marketing technology, experienced a 62% growth in their business in 2022. The previous year, the company had switched to the Heeros PSA professional services automation system when their existing system no longer adequately served the evolving processes accompanying their growth. The opportunity for HubSpot integration was an attractive feature.

Empowered by the HubSpot-Heeros PSA integration, Blink Helsinki has successfully streamlined its operations. This efficiency is evident in the alignment and simplification of processes, ultimately resulting in time savings.

Disjointed systems took time and energy

Previously, Blink Helsinki's team worked with multiple separate systems without integrations. For example, customer information existed in both HubSpot and, redundantly, with project information in the business management system, requiring manual updates. Much time was spent on routine tasks, and the lack of certainty about data accuracy was frustrating.

"The frustration came from not being able to trust the information in either system. We want to focus on our core activities, not on worrying about whether the data and tools are in order," describes Antti Tolonen, CEO of Blink Helsinki.

As their business grew, processes evolved and became even more critical. Changes were needed in the systems so that they would support the improved processes.

Switching to another PSA made the most sense

Blink Helsinki had two options: continue with the previous system but overhaul it completely, or explore new alternatives. Since overhauling would have been a significant undertaking, and the old system lacked an excellent user experience, Blink Helsinki opted for the latter.

The goal was to streamline the revamped processes, implement a new business management system to support these processes, and thereby enhance business efficiency.


More time for productive work: when time isn't spent on manual data entry, teams can focus on what matters.

There were many systems considered in the comparison. In addition to the HubSpot integration, the system's fit with Blink's workflows and goals was crucial.

"Everything fell into place with Heeros. With PSA, we got an easy-to-use business management system that felt right for our processes, and the price-quality ratio was right. The implementation was smooth and relatively fast. We have been satisfied with the service," Tolonen explains.

HubSpot-PSA integration saves time

The seamless two-way HubSpot-Heeros PSA integration has supported Blink Helsinki's growth. Integrating CRM data from sales and marketing with project information, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting aids in business streamlining.

Blink Helsinki has efficiently eliminated unnecessary redundant work. For instance, considerably less time is now spent entering project information compared to before. There's no longer a need to wonder where the most recently updated information is; it's always up-to-date in both HubSpot and Heeros PSA.

Enhancing efficiency throughout the project lifecycle with financial integration

In addition to the HubSpot and Heeros PSA integration, Blink Helsinki has increased efficiency and reduced steps by implementing Heeros financial management software. There is a two-way integration from Heeros PSA to financial management, further enhancing operations.

Financial management involves a lot of "necessary evil," but Blink Helsinki has streamlined the time spent on these aspects, allowing more focus on managing customer relationships and projects.

"Previously, we had to collect accounting materials separately, but now the process is much smoother. For example, expense invoices conveniently transfer to the accountant, and the information is readily available in a standardized format after it's been created once," praises Tolonen.

Processes and tools support continuous growth

At Blink Helsinki, work doesn't revolve around processes and tools; instead, these elements enable the staff to focus on actual creative work. Growth is one of Blink Helsinki's values, and the company aims to make room for personal growth and education.

Optimally directing resources or achieving productivity and, consequently, business growth wouldn't be possible without functional tools and processes.

"The implementation of Heeros PSA and HubSpot integration has supported our growth. As we grow larger, processes and tools supporting them play an increasingly significant role," concludes Antti Tolonen.

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About the customer

Founded in 2010, Blink Helsinki is a creative growth marketing agency that assists its clients in creating data-driven models for marketing, sales, and customer interactions. It helps companies grow more effectively than their competitors and develop more efficient and manageable ways to build sales through marketing. The company has experienced significant growth, with revenue increasing by approximately 62% and the workforce by about 42% in 2022 compared to the previous year.


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