Electronic sales invoice system



Sales invoices – creating  and sending

Create and send sales invoices and payment reminders easily with our electronic sales invoice system.

  • Heeros Sales invoicing for creating and sending invoices and transferring them to an external accounts receivable system.

Easily create invoices, payment reminders and cash invoices in Heeros Sales Invoices or import invoice material from another system. The invoices are automatically sent out as online payments and relayed to the customers electronically (e-invoicing agreement) or on paper, and payment reminders are always sent out on paper. With cash invoices, the payment is always handled in connection with the invoicing, and no invoice is sent to the customer.

Heeros Sales Invoices has interfaces for several financial administration applications. As a user of Sales invoicing, you will use an external accounts receivable system for processing. Finish the processing of invoices with a transfer to Heeros Accounting or an external accounting program. Sent invoices are automatically archived to an electronic archive for easy viewing at any time.

Heeros Sales Invoices

  • Customer and product databases.
  • Three languages for the users of the program.
  • Six invoicing languages, the default language for invoices is Finnish.
  • Several different reports.
  • Invoice form visualisation and option to add company logo.
  • Interfaces with numerous financial administration systems.
  • Creating and/or importing invoices from another system.
  • Using a number of invoice templates.
  • Adding appendices to invoices.
  • Sending invoices either as e-invoices or via a printing service.
  • Mass invoicing.
  • Payment reminders and collection service.
  • Matching payments based on payment reference information.
  • Paying cash invoices during invoicing.
  • Invoice preview and printing of complete invoices without sending them.
  • Invoices automatically to an online archive.


  • Automatic features reduce manual work and errors.
  • Easy invoice handling – one application for managing the whole.
  • E-invoices ensure faster and more reliable invoice delivery.
  • Optional paper invoice sending increases flexibility.
  • Attachments can be sent with invoices, creating added value for the recipient.
  • Works also as an invoicing program for an online store – many uses for one program.
  • The invoice looks like the company does – visualisation and company logo help maintain corporate image.
  • Invoices automatically to an online archive, where they are safe and easily accessible at a later time.
  • Easy connectivity with other financial administration systems through seamless interoperability.
  • Reports help cash flow management.