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Heeros as an Investment 


Heeros is a Finnish software company specialising in cloud-based business management solutions. Founded in 2000, Heeros is a pioneer in its field. Heeros solutions meet the changing needs of SMBs that are looking to invest in integrated, user-friendly systems used across the organization. Heeros portfolio covers solutions to digitalize key business processes from financial and human resources management to enterprise resource planning.

Heeros has grown steadily over past years. From 2021 to 2022 revenue increased by 20% and at the end of 2022 net revenue retention was 109%.


Key investment highlights

1. Well-positioned for the growing European software market

Megatrends support and drive the European software market growth, which is estimated to be in double-digit numbers during the next few years. Heeros taps the SMB segment, which is missing one-stop-shop vendors that can serve across multiple countries. Heeros’ targeted market opportunity is over 2 billion dollars and 200 000 SMBs.

2. Unique one-stop-shop for business-critical process applications

Customer needs are changing - especially in SMBs. Customers are looking to invest in an integrated, user-friendly systems that are used across the organization. Heeros has expanded its product portfolio and solution offering to meet these changing customer needs.

3. Long-term customer relationships

Heeros is supporting the digitalization of its customers and expects to have a significant potential to grow its business through digitalization. Furthermore, long-term customer relationships with more than 18 000 existing customers presents significant upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

4. Scalable, cost-effective business and distribution model

Scalable SaaS-business model enables offering and delivering Heeros services efficiently for SMBs both in Finland and internationally.

5. Clear growth strategy with ambitious targets 

Heeros has a strong will to grow and has set ambitious targets. Executing on solid growth strategy creates basis for organic growth and meeting the financial targets. Potential inorganic growth opportunities further accelerate the growth.

6. Solid financial track record enabling investments in growth

Heeros’ financial track record and operational performance are solid. Revenue and profitability have been on the rise the past years enabling investments in growth.


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