From the CEO

We made steady progress in executing Heeros’ 2021-2023 strategy. We’ve developed our operations and services to be increasingly customer-centric, renewed the user experience of our financial management product portfolio, acquired and integrated Taimer Ltd (nowadays Heeros PSA) launched a new mobile application and introduced a new product for human resources management. We have been successful in targeting small and medium-sized businesses with these actions and thus expanding our clientele extensively. I am very proud of the whole Heeros team – through hard work we have together achieved a profitable, scalable business.

As the market climate has changed, our strategy has evolved from seeking growth at all costs to a focus on markedly improving profitability. The first steps along this road have been already taken, as the EBITDA margin increased 24 % in 2023 compared to 2022.

Our customer relationships are long-term with approximately 17,000 existing customers. Our churn rate is low, reflecting loyalty and stickiness of our customer base. Moreover, over 95% of our revenue is recurring, highlighting the predictability of our business model.

Our portfolio covers solutions to digitalize key business processes from financial and human resources management to enterprise resource planning. We target especially CFO buyer personas and intend to have a long-term relationship with the CFO office.

Heeros will continue to offer small and medium-sized businesses and our accounting office partners solutions for automating processes for financial management, enterprise resource planning and human resources management. All of our solutions will continue to be conveniently available over the cloud, delivering ease of use, simple and straightforward implementation, and the power of extensibility through modular product offerings, all delivered with a SaaS-model.

Our strategy exhibits itself in the day to day of every single Heeros employee. In all of our encounters we will be true to our values by daring, evolving, taking responsibility, and by always putting customer outcomes first. This is something I hope will be evidently clear to all of you, as we continue to move forward and write new chapters to the Heeros success story.

I am glad that both our most loyal partners as well as new customers and a growing list of shareholders have decided to join us on this inspiring journey.

- Niklas Lahti

Niklas Lahti
CEO, Heeros Oyj
+358 40 774 1777