Our scanning service automates your invoice processing

If your company receives a lot of e-invoices, processing them can be time consuming. We want to support our customers so we also offer assistance in validating invoices as part of our service package.

Heeros pre-processes e-invoices on your behalf

A company using our scanning service will have its own accounts payable email address. This address is sent out, for example, using our sample letter templates addressed to suppliers who send e-invoices. PDF invoices sent by email then arrive at the Heeros scanning service where data is extracted and directed to your company’s purchase invoice system for further processing.

Support for e-invoice processing

  • You receive an accounts payable email address for our scanning service
  • Supplier e-invoices arrive directly at the Heeros scanning service
  • Heeros pre-processes invoices in electronic form
  • Heeros directs extracted data to your purchase invoice system for further processing

With our scanning service, high volumes of invoices can be processed automatically, saving your company from spending valuable time on manual tasks.