Purchase and travel invoices – approval process and accounts payable

Purchase and travel invoices are flexibly processed in our electronic purchase invoice system. Two versions for your convenience:

  • Circula Invoice workflow for sending invoices to all parties in the process and transferring them to an external accounts payable system.
  • Circula Accounts payable for processing and paying invoices directly in Circula.

The purchase invoices are automatically relayed as online invoices, while paper invoices are scanned into the system. You can create travel invoices directly in the browser or mobile version of Circula. When the invoices have gone through your company’s review process, you can send them to the bank for payment or transfer them to an external accounts payable/payroll system for payment. Transfer to accounting and archive finalises the handling of the invoices.

Transfer reports are always generated for any transfer of material to accounts payable, accounting, payroll or archive. You can view the reports at any time later. In addition, you can print and save reports that make cash management easier, such as open invoices, purchase invoice diary, payment forecast and payment journal.


  • Invoice review processing
  • Posting at the desired stage of processing
  • Adding documents to invoices
  • Transferring invoices to the bank or an external accounts payable solution for payment
  • Automatic acknowledgement of payments
  • Transferring invoices/payments to accounting and archive
  • Automatic calculation of mileage reimbursement and daily allowance
  • Option to invoice travel invoice expenses.


  • Automatic features reduce manual work and errors.
  • Invoice review and payment—one application for managing the whole.
  • E-mail notices of invoices that need processing ensure that all invoices are handled on time.
  • Processed invoices are saved in an electronic archive and are available for viewing at a later time.
  • Connectivity with other systems through seamless interoperability.