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Ensure compliant e-invoicing, unified and efficient processing of purchase & sales invoices internationally and smooth integration to ERP systems.

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ERP connector service

For finance first ERP transformations in mid-sized companies

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Sales Invoice solution 

A new, future-proof solution that works across countries for companies looking to automate I2C processes.

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Heeros PSA

All-in-one professional service automation software. Run and grow your business in a unified platform.

Cavotec grows internationally 

Cavotec needs internationally operating and scaling services. Heeros Purchase Invoices solution is used in all operating countries, and now "everything is so much simpler, smoother and easier". 


Highlights from our customers' experiences

”The travel invoice processing has amazed people in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, for example, as they haven't had anything like it before.”

Merja Vänskä Cavotec Finland Oy

Merja Vänskä

For accounting, purchase invoices, invoicing, and taking care of salaries and banking we use the services from Heeros


Timo Häkkinen MicroMedia


"Invoice processing has become much easier and faster, especially since we have so many companies to take care of.  The time savings are considerable."

Tarja Heilä Talopak Oy

Talopak_Tarja Heilä
Illustration of Heeros Purchase Invoices' additional feature, AI postings.

AI posting proposal complements the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution

We have now added a new functionality to the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution for you to save more time and money: AI postings. This functionality enables posting proposals formed by an artificial intelligence to be retrieved side by side with the supplier's default posting; AI postings may be enabled with an additional fee.

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Heeros' new offering meets the needs of small businesses

Heeros is bringing to the market a completely new offering for small businesses. With the help of the Heeros Small Business software, a company of 1-10 seats can now manage their business operations easily and cost-effectively, also in the international market.  

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Heeros is growing and expanding internationally

Lokakuu uutiskirje

Heeros’s goal is to continue growing its market share on the Finnish financial administration software market, and to gain a foothold in foreign markets as well. In addition to the Finnish offices, located in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku, Heeros currently has office in the Netherlands.

Heeros on the First North Finland marketplace

Heeros (trading symbol: HEEROS) was listed in November 2016 on the First North Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. For more information, see Information for investors >>

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