Heeros helps you optimise all financial administration functions.

Clear and precise. Smooth practices, automated routines and high-quality reports that easily make data available to support business. This is what modern financial administration is at its best.

The modular solution from Heeros makes it possible to develop the financial administration of a company one piece at a time. Browser-based tool helps eliminate unnecessary steps from the workflow of financial administration and streamline day-to-day work. In addition, applications developed together with Heeros users solve real-life challenges, making financial and accounting processes smarter.

Heeros for your company’s financial administration

If your company relies on in-house accounting, chances are that it can be made more efficient. In particular, processing purchase and sales invoices traditionally takes a lot of time. Heeros software is designed to optimise all financial administration functions, and it is easy to integrate new Heeros tools with your company’s existing systems.

Heeros offers many benefits

  • Utilise an advanced and reliable financial administration suite as a cloud service
  • Use only the modules that your company needs
  • Receive continuous product support, personal assistance and training
  • You can do your work and financial administration better
  • Save time, money and resources

Heeros via an accounting partner

A shared cloud service via an accounting company is the easiest way for SMEs to handle financial administration. The Heeros suite includes everything needed, from online invoicing to electronic receipt processing. Hundreds of modern accounting companies across the country provide Heeros software, and the number keeps growing.

Heeros offers many benefits

  • Rest assured your financial administration work is done correctly, faster than before
  • Shared use of Heeros with an accounting company reduces unnecessary communication and eliminates unclarities
  • Make use of up-to-date reports and indicators, available at all times
  • Access the financials of your company wherever, whenever