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Automated financial administration
supports business growth



Cloud-based financial administration solutions

Heeros is a Finnish software company specialising in cloud-based financial administration solutions. Founded in 2000, Heeros is a pioneer in its field. Today, Heeros operates internationally. Listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland, Heeros offers customers independent, flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions. Our solutions cover all the basic tasks of financial administration, from scanning paper invoices to processing and archiving purchase and sales invoices, travel receipts as well as reporting, accounting, and calculating wages.

The Heeros modular SaaS solutions allow our customers to implement only the functionalities they need for their financial administration and pay only for the services they use. Expanding your software package after implementation is also easy, and integrating Heeros with other financial applications and ERP systems is simple. Heeros enables different applications to interact seamlessly and makes your day-to-day work more efficient.

Solutions spurred by sustainable development

Heeros operates in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We strive to be environmentally friendly and to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, our cloud solutions enable operations in many parts of the supply chain to be streamlined. Digital technology can contribute to sustainability: increased efficiency saves working hours and requires less energy. For example:

  • Cloud solutions and automated processes reduce the need for printouts
  • Transport-related emissions are reduced because work can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Automated processes save time and make work more efficient

Heeros solutions are already used by around 16,000 companies and other organizations in nine different countries. 500,000 invoices are processed every month using the Heeros software. We have offices in the Netherlands and Finland.

Heeros success factors

Our key success factors are clear and user-friendly financial administration solutions developed in collaboration with customers, as well as our service ethos which helps customers reap the full benefits of partnering with Heeros.

The principles of our company’s management are: listening to our customers’ needs, cooperation, openness, niche-market focus, strategy and teamwork. Long-term commitment and our ability to anticipate future changes also create a good foundation for us to be an even better partner for our customers.

Strengths of Heeros

Service ethos

Heeros is a partner that combines the heart and soul of a small business with the quality and reliability of a large player.

Modular products

Thanks to the modular structure of our solutions, you can choose only the functionalities you need and expand your software piece by piece.

Finnish company

Heeros is a purely Finnish company whose products have been developed together with Finnish accounting firms.


Continuous development

Ongoing training combined with dedicated support will allow your company to do its job using fit-for-purpose and relevant tools.


Scalable pricing

You subscribe to Heeros solutions so that you only pay for the software you need.


As an independent operator that focuses on software services, Heeros does not compete with accounting firms for the same customers, as many other companies providing financial administration software do.