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Bisnode Finland Oy - Invoice processing in an international company

Bisnode Finland Oy - Invoice processing in an international company


Transition to Heeros services has been a good decision. The younger generation in Bisnode Finland Oy sometimes wonders how did they manage to do their job when information had to be digged up from books and files. Now with Heeros they can focus their energy on growth and efficiency.

Financial Director Kimmo Suominen led Bisnode Finland to use Heeros’ financial management software family from its paper-based operations in 2013. This was natural because he had already become familiar with the benefits and advantages of digitalisation already in his previous position.

- The integration of Heeros with Bisnode Finland's financial management fits with our company's ideology in all respects. Verbal contact with Heeros developed immediately and our company's financial management needs were easily incorporated into the existing ERP-system.

Nowadays, the digital processing of purchase and travel invoices proceeds smoothly in Bisnode, an international group with operations in 19 European countries and involved in cooperation in tens of others.

- Online invoicing is part of modern everyday Finnish life, but many paper invoices still move around the world. Despite the fact that the visualisation of foreign invoices is different from that of domestic invoices, Heeros Identa enables the rapid and easy processing of paper and e-mail invoices says Kimmo gratefully.

At present, there are almost 50 Heeros users on the purchase invoice process in Bisnode Finland. Together with the users of the travel expense application, this already represents a large number, and new user IDs are being created as the need increases. The Heeros software family also includes sales invoicing.

- Sales invoices are sent directly from our own ERP to our operator and from there to recipients and then archived automatically in Heeros' digital Archive. Archives good search functions have also sped up and made easier the retrieval of vouchers and contracts as well as making collaboration in our company more efficient.

The Group's management is in Sweden, but the sharing of items is easy when the same screen can be viewed simultaneously. Additionally, the double checking of invoices is fast and papers are no longer lost although even in the digital world an invoice may remain “on the accountant's desk”.

- It also speeds up the auditor's work when the audit is no longer limited by place and time, says Kimmo happily. Our workplace community's younger generation is also amazed how we even managed earlier when it was necessary to dig for information from books and files.

Bisnode will no longer return to the old ways. - The transfer to Heeros left a good feeling; an expert project manager took control of the task and the schedule was maintained. We recommend Heeros also to others since it is straightforward to both adopt and use. Now we are able to concentrate up on our core task of business growth and making operations more efficient, states Kimmo Suominen.