Marketing corporation MicroMedia values effortlessness, flexibility and service coverage

Marketing corporation MicroMedia values effortlessness, flexibility and service coverage

Usability was the most important feature when MicroMedia chose the solutions used on their financial and customer management. Along with being effortless to use, the smooth cooperation and the coverage of services convinced them to choose Heeros for both financial management and customer management.

MicroMedia provides marketing services to business customers for sales growth and boosting customer acquisition. Their service entirety consists of three different stages: customer marketing, pre sales, and targeting services.

The services of MicroMedia make it possible for businesses to combine marketing and sales to a seamless ensemble– along with executing powerful inbound and outbound marketing. The company is growing steadily, netting last year a turnover of three million euros with a personnel of 45 professionals.

Solutions to financial management and customer management from Heeros 

 When it comes to financial management, MicroMedia all-inclusively uses the services of Heeros.

– We have a strong grip on our own financial management. Our financial department is small but powerful, they know their stuff and have long standing experience on the matter. For accounting, purchase invoices, invoicing, and taking care of salaries and banking we use the services from Heeros, says the CEO of MicroMedia Timo Häkkinen.

Properly functioning customer management is also crucial in a marketing company focused on sales. The CRM of MicroMedia works through Heeros PSA-software, which the company has been using since 2016.

– Our primary goal with using PSA is to manage customer relationships. All the customer and project information can be found from Heeros PSA. We also keep up with customer development and the progress of sales throug PSA. You can create the pre-sale invoices there and then transfer them to Heeros financial management software, Timo explains.


Good usability and price-quality ratio

According to Timo Häkkinen the most important feature of these softwares is their usability.

– To Heeros’ credit I have to say that the usability of financial software is very good. The user interface is simple and clear, including many features for fluent use; such as different reminders, easy invoice rotation and simple calculation of salaries.

– The same goes for Heeros PSA, which we initially chose because of its simplicity and user-friendliness. Creating a project and controlling installments is very easy, Timo continues.

However, usability wasn’t the only criteria when choosing the finance and business management softwares – costs needed to be taken into account as well.

– With the chosen software combo a good price-quality ratio is truly there. The amount of overall costs are of course a significant matter for a business our size. It was also important for us not to get any surprises later cost-wise.


Integration upgrades usability and boosts the whole business

In August MicroMedia is starting a pilot, where the services of Heeros financial management and PSA are integrated into one unite. The goal of the integration is to transfer information seamlessly from one system to another, streamlining operations and enhancing predictability.

– Our expectations are simply based on the fact that we’ll get everything into one system, so the customer management becomes more seamless. Customer information, project creation, controlling instalments and transferring pre-sale invoices to invoicing can all be controlled from one view. This way we can instantly see how much profit and expense go into each month, which makes predictability and financial management easier.

Seamless cooperation and a comprehensive service entity

When we asked Timo to mention three things he appreciates above all else within the Heeros cooperation, he highlights the seamless collaboration, the coverage of service entities and of course the easiness of the system.

– Our collaboration has been seamless and everything has worked well. When needed, you can always get in touch with people who will quickly help and solve possible problems.

– As last, but definitely not as the least perk of Heeros, I would like to emphasise the comprehensiveness of services, suited very well for a company producing expert services. Our every day life is easier when we get all of our needed services from one place, Timo sums up.

– A system must of course work seamlessly, but I think usability is the most important feature, Timo Häkkinen states.


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