With Heeros, developing work and business is easy.

An accounting firm is an irreplaceable expert for its customers, expected to work with precision and efficiency and to report clearly. With the no-nonsense cloud services from Heeros, many routines can be automated, freeing up time for you to help customers.

The modular solution from Heeros enables you to tune up your accounting firm’s electronic toolbox one piece at a time. Rationalising functions with a browser-based solution increases your company’s specialist image and lays down a solid foundation for managed acquisition of new customers. In addition, as an independent operator, Heeros is a safe partner that does not compete with you for the same accounts. On the contrary, we do everything in our power so that your company can get new customers.

10 reasons to choose Heeros

  1. Utilise modern, versatile and easy-to-integrate financial administration tools.
  2. Provide your customers with smoother and more efficient service.
  3. Develop your business one step at a time and increase your accounting firm’s profitability.
  4. Free up time to sell specialist services and serve new customers.
  5. Gain the full support and rapid, personal service of a skilled partner.
  6. Stay up to date and receive training and consultation according to your needs.
  7. Participate in the development of Heeros products.
  8. Receive marketing support and the makings for developing your business as a Pro Partner.
  9. You always also profit from selling Heeros solutions to your customers.
  10. Receive contacts of interested potential customers through us.

Let us work together to make financial administration smoother and more profitable.