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Customer service is a rewarding and fast-paced work

Customer service is a rewarding and fast-paced work

October 6, 2020

Heeros’ Customer Service does a wide range of work, from training to application support, from implementations to scanning, from customer information to instructions. Customer service is a rewarding and fast-paced work that offers surprises more often than not. Sometimes the surprises come from outside, but sometimes we organize them ourselves.

Like the other day when one of Heeros’ trainers set out in the morning to drive to the client’s office she’d already been a few times to give a training to a customer of the client. The driving distance was 40 kms and the trainer drove calmly guided by the navigator and singing to the radio. About halfway, in the middle of The Eye Of The Tiger, the phone rings. It’s the client she’s heading to. Trainer thinks that maybe there’s some last-minute refinements and picks the call up happily, “Good morning!”.

“Hi, good that you were able to answer! I’m about fifteen minutes late, I am just leaving from our office!”

Leaving your office? So where were we going to meet? Okeydokey, lets pull over to that bus stop for a while. The customer continues while the trainer pulls over to the bus stop.

“I needed to ask you; how should we implement that purchase ledger?”.

“We can check it today after the training or then tomorrow. You know what, I just noticed that I actually don’t have the exact address to the customer. You wouldn’t happen to have it there with you now?”

“I do, wait a sec… It’s Flower street 33. I think tomorrow would be perfect for the ledger. I don’t know how to do that I’m getting a bit stressed about it!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I know how to do that, and I’ll help you through it.”, the trainer says as she enters the new address to the navigator.

“So, you’re on your way also already?”

“Yes, I’m on the road, see you soon!”

“See you!”, the client says cheerfully and hangs up as the trainer sees from the navigator that the new address is actually just around the corner from her home. She then checks both ways of the road are clear, makes a U-turn and starts to drive to Flower street 33.

When you do a lot, happens a lot and one should always check and not just assume things. Working with people requires cheerful attitude and flexibility. You need to be prepared to react quickly to changing situations. That’s how things keep rolling and you may end up having a good laugh.

Happy Customer Service Week!


Mirka Salminen
Heeros Oyj