Customer is the best expert of their work

Customer is the best expert of their work

When was the last time you felt people listened to you and you were really understood? Or when did you get real answers to questions in your mind? Do you remember that energetic meeting where you were brainstorming and supporting each other enthusiastically towards a new and staggering opportunity? What about that project that made you have second thoughts, but later you saw that everything went smoother than expected?

These examples illustrate how we realized that focusing on our customers is really the key factor when building up our new organization. Making our customers the center piece of our business is a natural continuum for the work we’ve been doing at Heeros for a long time already. Our slogan “Because it’s all about service” says it all, the essence of our work is serving our customers. Customer Growth team takes this thought one step further.

"Making our customers the center piece of our business is a natural continuum for the work we've been doing at Heeros for a long time already"

We wanted to gather up all the Heeros people that work closely with our customers on their everyday life. This way we have a better view to the everyday life of our customers and can also gain a better understanding of the whole variety of the needs our customers have. With this knowledge we can better focus the design and build of our solutions and services to match those needs. Customer Growth consists of three teams. Customer Services, led by Mr. Arto Vuori, takes care of customer support, implementations, customer trainings and other customer projects. Customer Success, led by Mr. Garik Bagdasarov, brings in the knowledge of our customer’s business. Customer data and analytics is a newcomer in the equation that makes it possible to offer more precise service.

With this change we can support our customers better to develop and grow their businesses and offer the best service combined with the best understanding of the everyday life of our customers. Customer Growth Team is here for you to make sure that choosing Heeros is the right choice now and years to come.

I am very excited about my new role as the Customer Growth leader. When writing this, it’s been almost exactly five years since I started my work at Heeros as the Head of Development. I’ve been there to see Heeros grow and I know where our strengths and the most significant development needs are. But even for these, you customers are the best expert!

I’ll very happy to come chat and listen to you, how we can make your daily life even smoother and enable more growth.


At your service
Juha Takala
Director, Customer Growth